Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fighting Back Against The Radicals

As I was riding to work one day this week I heard a clip of Bill Clinton's speech where he says that the Republican Party is controlled by the Far Right-Wing extremists thus referring to the Tea Party.  Democrats haven't put out one solution for how to fix medicare so it can be saved for future generations. They believe in the status quo - in allowing medicare to go bankrupt. Is that really caring about future seniors? Citizens of the United States?  Heck no. Harry Reid's Democrat controlled Senate has NOT passed one single budget in over three years.  The Democrat Party consists of no solution obstructionists.  Democrats in Congress believe in doing

The Democrat Party bows to the Muslim Brotherhood's extremist beliefs of intolerance.  Democrats removed acknowledgment that Jerusalem is indeed the capital of Israel from their platform. They even removed God from their platform. Until they heard the outcry.... then political opportunism came into play.  That's okay we know that the God vote was all smoke and mirrors. The Democrat Party is the Godless Party. God doesn't believe in "freedom of choice" to kill one's offspring.  God doesn't approve of homosexual behavior. Just look in the Bible.  God doesn't believe in tyranny. God doesn't believe in government slavery dependency. God doesn't believe in forcing people to violate their consciences. God is not for euthanasia. While God doesn't believe in any of these things The Democratic Party DOES.
The Democratic Party is:

They are not apart of the solution. They are the problem. Let's throw 'em all out! Vote 'em all out! Purify America from the radical Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party philosophy ascribes to Saul Alinsky's:

Which honors Satan. How evil! 

Liberals/ Democrats want you to believe that they want to compromise with Conservatives/Republicans but when it comes down to it the proof it in their actions.  When both the Senate and House were controlled by Democrats they didn't want to hear any suggestions on how to make health care more affordable and increase accessibility. The Democrats passed a purely partisan top down government controlled health care legislation. They want government to control your lives.  Progressives think they know better than the average American. They don't believe that people should be able to make decisions. They don't believe in choice. They are intolerant. The Democrat Party is:

The Democrat Party believes in trickle up poverty.  Under this administration the unemployment rate has increased. The workforce has decreased to the lowest levels in 30 years. The number of citizens on food stamps has increased to new record breaking levels - to 46.7 million in June (food stamp charts here). Guess which year is the only year that there was a decline in the number of people on food stamps? Gee... Did it just so happen that this success in lowering the number of people on food stamps occurred under President Bush's term?  Yes, his policies were working to help the poor. Under Obama welfare funding has skyrocketed while the number of people on welfare has stayed the same.  Whenever something doesn't work liberals just throw money and more money at the problem. That is their solution to pretty much everything. Throwing away our money without getting at the root cause of the problem is not a real solution. Liberal policies have failed so many Americans.  Progressive policies with government intervention in the private sector is what caused the financial fiasco.  Obama's policies is what is causing the slowest recovery since the Great Depression.  If you want another four years of economic malaise, another four years of excessive regulations which are strangling businesses, another four years of liberty-hating unconstitutional policies which include dictatorial executive orders which bypass Congress and the will of the people, and if you don't believe that people have a right to believe in the religious tenets of their faith then vote for Obama.  If you are for prosperity, economic growth, more jobs, liberty, freedom to make your own choices, less regulations, making use of all of our energy resources, rolling back government control over are lives, reducing the deficit/debt, saving medicare, and if you believe that every person has the right to religious freedom then 


Conservatives, Libertarians, and Republicans are for choice, ethically sound and morally licit choice. We believe in the right to choose whether you want to buy health insurance or not. We believe in school choice - in school vouchers so you can choose which school gives your child the best opportunity to succeed.  We believe in giving seniors more than one option - not just medicare under government control. We believe that seniors should have the ability to choose from the company which gives them the best price and the best coverage.  The free-market system does this, NOT government. Paul Ryan's voucher plan give seniors the opportunity to make the best choices for themselves.

Conservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians believe in following our Founders vision for America.  We believe in following our Constitution. We believe that these rights are granted by our Creator. Obama and the Democrats want to transform the United States into a European socialist style state where everyone lives in equal misery.  Those in the Democratic Party are so

that they believe that it would be good to ban corporate profits.

If progressives were rational thinkers they would realize that the number of people unemployed would skyrocket. Even if citizens were employed under the no profits plan would there even be a paycheck waiting for them? If so their paycheck would be peanuts compared to now.  Or do they want government controlled businesses? Government to control the pay? Sounds like socialism/Communism to me.  Its been tried before and has always failed.  But we have a new set of socialists in town who live in a fantasy land ignoring history, willing to repeat the mistakes of the past and wreak havoc on our lives while attempting a farcical charade.

Progressives want to dismantle America and transform it into a socialist democracy.  We America loving citizens will not let that happen. We will fight to save our republic from falling down the deep, dark abyss of tyranny.  We will take a stand and rise up before these progressives dishonor America and unravel all that our Founding Fathers worked so hard to bring us. Conservatives/Libertarians/Republicans will continue to spread the truth about America's history and her greatness. We will teach the uneducated that America


Constitutional Insurgent said...

Two statements that are certainly worth agreeing with.....God disapproves of a lot things......and Libertarians believe in choice.

Good thing that we live in a Republic where Liberty can be defended....when people bother to understand when liberty is at stake.

Silverfiddle said...

I love the phrase, "trickle up poverty," because that's what it is.

Progressives are modern-day levelers, making us equal by flushing us all down (except for their elite oligarchical selves)

The Political Chic said...

This was a horrific speech for anyone to hear especially if you are a democrat. This is your leader? Really?

Nate said...

Ever have the thought that perhaps knocking out the supports of our society is what they're wanting?

Knock the props out, let the whole thing collapse...then rebuild it 'in their image, after their likeness'.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Yup that's me, "A Right Wing Extremist" because I believe in the Constitution.

Ron Russell said...

Like that last image best! The founders never, never intended this nation to be a democracy, they created a republic, but over the years we have lost that. In my younger years I was a full-blown member of the John Birch Society. Thanks to my parents and great teachers, I never fell into that youthful trap of liberalism. Born a southern democrat, but evolved to a conservative republican.

Leticia said...

So much I want to say, but mostly is that you are correct Republicans, Libertarians and conservatives want to continue the work of our founders and to adhere to the Constitution. We want to protect our senior citizens.

And no we will not succumb to the atrocities of the Muslim Brotherhood.