Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mini Eagle Freedom Links - RNC Convention and Dominoes Extravaganza Edition

I feel like the RNC Convention brought some fire to the campaign.  Hopefully Romney/Ryan will continue to build on this momentum and enthusiasm.  I really enjoyed listening to the speeches. IMO the speeches throughout the week were outstanding. Having heard the stories from some of Mitt's Mormon friends made me feel like I know him a bit more. This gives me some insight into his character. And I am impressed. I will post a few of the speeches below.  I am planning to post one more links post later on in the week so please don't fret if I didn't post a link to your blog yet.  Everyone have a blessed week. 

Mia Love

Rick Santorum

Marco Rubio

Mitt Romney

Sinners Domino Production used 31,405 dominoes in a "Journey Around The World" quest in which they won two Guinness titles. Watching the spectacular action of all those dominoes toppling is amazing. 

Always On Watch -- Holiday Weekend Break From Politics

American Perspective -- Fickle Young Man's Farewell Letter To America 

Amusing Bunni's Musings -- A Dire Warning Must Watch! 

Atlas Shrugs -- Light Bulb Moment: US Suspends Training Of Afghan Police Recruit.... 

Bunkerville -- NSA Spying On Citizens - Court Says Illegal 

Capitalist Preservation -- Breaking News: Obama Synchophant Georgesnuffleupagainstbarack Doesn't ... 

Conservative Hideout 2.0 -- Occupy Leave RNC Sad

Conservative Perspective -- Needless To Say,,,,, Let's Turn The Page 

Da Tech Guy -- Tina Brown And The Crisis Of Profit 

For God And Liberty -- The Real Extremist On Abortion - Obama 

Fuzzy Logic -- Fuzzy Rant: Voting Your Arrogance And Pretending It's Your "Principles"  

Geeeeez -- Sunday Faith Blog .........Romney's Faith 

It Don't Make Sense -- There's A Special Place In Hell For Traitors. 

King Shamus -- Why Clint Eastwood's Republican Convention Speech Worked

Let The Truth Be Known -- Potpourri Of News Items

Maggie's Notebook -- Army Officer Poll: 74% Army Headed In Wrong Direction

Mind Numbed Robot -- Proof #RNCpowergrab Floor Vote Was Scripted - Boehner Read... 

My Daily Trek -- Muslim Group In Egypt: "Eating Tomatoes Is Forbidden Because They Are Christian" 

Political Realities -- Paul Ryan On Mitt Romney And Barack Obama 

Reaganite Republican -- The Death Of The Left

Rjjrdq's America II -- Dems Double Down On Race Card 

Sentry Journal -- Ann Romney Steal The Show At The RNC 

The Born Again Americans -- Screw You Tutu (P) 

The Camp Of The Saints -- Bob's Musings: Pecks And Thugs And Rock 'N' Roll 

The Conservative Lady -- Democrats Welcome Radical Islamists To Their Convention W/ UPDATES 

The Other McCain: Breitbart In February: "You Want A Unity Speech? I'll Give You A Unity Speech."

TOTUS: Conservative Political Commentary -- Jon McNaughton's "Obamanation"

Virtual Mirage -- The Face Of War 

Western Hero -- "We Own This Country" 

Woodsterman -- The Other Side . . . 


Ron Russell said...

Like you, I thought the RNC Convention was really great. I throughly enjoyed all the fine speakers. I too, hope that Romney/Ryan will continue on with all the energy they can muster. I will watch some of the DNC, if I can keep my temper under control---just to have something to post about. I know those in the MSM will be swooning over every word uttered by the speakers there, but then thats to be expected from that bunch of Obama lovers. Thanks for the link---lot of work doing those the way you do.

Opus #6 said...

You are the best blogging buddy EVER! Thanks for the link.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

All the vids in one spot! Bookmarked.

And thanks for the linkage. Yay!

Anonymous said...

This site is a Charter Member of The Empty Chair Movement and celebrating National Empty Chair Day.
This replaces Labor Day because there are No Jobs.

Happy Labor Day Teresa and the rest of you Conservatives.

The Born Again American said...

Great videos, Happy Empty Chair Day and thanks for the nod...

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Great Moments in history you've posted here.

Thank You kindly for the link.

Teresa said...


Thank you so much for all the great work you do my blogging friend.

robot said...

Thanks, Teresa! Hope you're doing well, my friend!

robot said...

Thanks, Teresa! Hope you're doing well, my friend!