Monday, June 28, 2010

Iraq's WMD Moved to Syria?

It looks like my theorizing about Iraq's WMD's being moved before the U.S. invasion of Iraq and as to their whereabouts are turning out to be correct.

Ha’aretz has revived the mystery surrounding the inability to find weapons of mass destruction stockpiles in Iraq, the most commonly cited justification for Operation Iraqi Freedom and one of the most embarrassing episodes for the United States. Satellite photos of a suspicious site in Syria are providing new support for the reporting of a Syrian journalist who briefly rocked the world with his reporting that Iraq’s WMD had been sent to three sites in Syria just before the invasion commenced.

The newspaper reveals that a 200 square-kilometer area in northwestern Syria has been photographed by satellites at the request of a Western intelligence agency at least 16 times, the most recent being taken in January. The site is near Masyaf, and it has at least five installations and hidden paths leading underneath the mountains. This supports the reporting of Nizar Nayouf, an award-winning Syrian journalist who said in 2004 that his sources confirmed that Saddam Hussein’s WMDs were in Syria.

One of the three specific sites he mentioned was an underground base underneath Al-Baida, which is one kilometer south of Masyaf. This is a perfect match. The suspicious features in the photos and the fact that a Western intelligence agency is so interested in the site support Nayouf’s reporting, showing that his sources in Syria did indeed have access to specific information about secret activity that is likely WMD-related. Richard Radcliffe, one of my co-writers at, noticed that Masyaf is located on a road that goes from Hamah, where there is an airfield sufficient to handle relatively large aircraft, into Lebanon and the western side of the Bekaa Valley, another location said to house Iraqi weapons. CONTINUED

The man who served as the no. 2 official in Saddam Hussein's air force says Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the war by loading the weapons into civilian aircraft in which the passenger seats were removed.

The Iraqi general, Georges Sada, makes the charges in a new book, "Saddam's Secrets," released this week. He detailed the transfers in an interview yesterday with The New York Sun.

"There are weapons of mass destruction gone out from Iraq to Syria, and they must be found and returned to safe hands," Mr. Sada said. "I am confident they were taken over."

Mr. Sada's comments come just more than a month after Israel's top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Moshe Yaalon, told the Sun that Saddam "transferred the chemical agents from Iraq to Syria."




Amusing Bunni said...

Great scoop, Teresa. We know those weapons had to be moved! I'm glad they have finally admitted it.
I hope the weather is better for you now.
Have a nice nite! Cheers!

Opus #6 said...

Bush haters aren't going to be happy about this.

Matt said...

Great find Teresa. I remember that being said right before the invasion, but the story went away.

Snarky Basterd said...

Don't expect Zero to look for them. Once again, history will vindicate Bush and make Jimmy Carter look like a "good one-term president" in comparison with Zero.

Leticia said...

Of course they were moved. Regardless of this information libs aren't going to acknowledge it, they never will. Somehow, it will still be President Bush's fault.

Too bad! We are still right.

Chris W said...

Interesting post Teresa, you have done your homework.

I still don't believe that Saddam, even with WMD's, posed enough of a threat to the US to justify the invasion but this revelation is enough to warrant a further look into the matter.

Well done.

Liberty said...

Hm. While I have my doubts (for instance, our initial report on the WMD's came from a "high official" who turned out to be a taxi driver), I also know that I've been known to be wrong. But like Chris said, I still think going to Iraq was a bad idea.

Ron Russell said...

I've always thought WMD's existed in Iraq and that they were likely moved. Syria does seem to be a good place so I'm inclined to believe this article.

cube said...

I've always suspected that the WMDs were moved out of Iraq while we spent months cajoling the UN and Congress for permission to invade Iraq. Probably, Saddam laughed at our slowness to action while he had everthing spirited out of the country.

What the MSM wants everyone to forget is that every intelligence agency in the world thought Iraq had WMDs. They were right.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,

I am glad the truth is finally coming to light. I hope you a are having a much better day today :)

Teresa said...

You got that right. Oh well.

Teresa said...

I didn't realize this was being said before the invasion. I remember it being said shortly after the invasion. The MSM likes to make things go away.

Teresa said...

Its really sad when Carter can be made to look like he was a good President.

Teresa said...

To the Left everything is Bush's fault. I love that we are right.

Teresa said...

Chris W and Liberty,
I just don't think that the question as to whether Iraq was a threat to the U.S. is as cut and dry as people think. Maybe, we could have waited to enter Iraq but there were 18 U.N. resolutions and it only takes two countries for a veto. Since the oil for food program was corrupt and some of those countries that vetoed the U.N. going to war in Iraq were in on the corruption with Saddam it may have been a long while (if ever) before we could get an authorization from the U.N to go to war in Iraq.

This information or evidence is certainly food for thought.

Teresa said...

Me too. Syria was one of my first thoughts also.

Teresa said...

Absolutely! While we were tryng to gain permission Saddam was getting the WMD's out of the country.