Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Passing of a WWII Icon: Edith Shain

From PR Newswire Edith Shain, the nurse who in 1945 kissed a U.S. sailor in front of Times Square in celebration of the end of WWII, has passed away.

From U.S. Newswire: "Ms. Shain was a Registered Nurse, kindergarten teacher, public access cable television producer who became a world famous figure following her participation in the 50th Anniversary of V-J Day in August of 1995."

Her son Michael Shain described the photo as having captured "an epic moment in American history, one that inspired patriotism, unity, joy and a spontaneous national pride in victoriously ending the war."

Lifetime Highlights of World War II "Icon" Edith Shain:

•Born and raised in Tarrytown New York July 29, 1918

•New York Hunter High School graduate (age 16)

•1947 graduate from New York Doctors Nursing School

•Bachelors degree in education New York University

•Hancock Park & Burbank Kindergarten Teacher (30 yrs)

•Continued nursing license, working night shift at Cedars Lebanon.

•She was the subject of a Life magazine article in 1979 her and Eisenstadt

•Co-founder, Producer of Full Disclosure Public Access TV Program in Los Angeles

•Director, American Association of Women, Public Affairs Education

Edith Shain's participation in Veteran Memorial events included :

•60TH Year Anniversary WW II to New York Times Square

•25 ft. statute next to the war ship in San Diego

•Grand Marshall of numerous parades

•Grand Marshall Veterans Day in NY City

•Laid Down the wreath of WW2 Tundra Tomb Washington DC

•Numerous overseas appearances for Veterans Memorial events


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

A very famous photo even today.

Christopher said...

Thanks for the bio on Edith.

Eman said...

Be blessed Edith, you were a symbol of victory for a generation.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

When ever I think of the end of WWII, that is the first picture that comes to my mind.

James L. Harris said...

Edith Shain recently gave the key note address at the US Navy Nurse Corps Convention dinner, on May 1, 2010, in San Diego, California.
The San Diego Chorus of Sweet Adleine International entertained the crowd. As a singing member that evening, I had the heartfelt pleasure of meeting and hearing Edith. Her feisty personality, poise, witty sense of humor and sharp mind, won the hearts of all those present in the room.
Edith, you were truely an American Patriot.
May you rest in peace.

Teresa said...

Thank you sharing that heartwarming experience. May she rest in peace.

cube said...

I hadn't heard of her passing.

RIP Edith Shain.