Thursday, July 1, 2010



Nickie Goomba shows us how Democrat Forkney belittles his constituents.

A Patriotic Rottweiler has an idea on how to stop Kagan's nomination.

Allied Liberty News tells us how the government goes wrong in cleaning up the oil spill.

Bread Upon Waters lets us know that profit is good.

LL reveals concerns about the radical liberal Elena Kagan.

Chicago Ray shows us how Obama plays the blame game again.

Jamie tells us about Christopher HItchens' diagnosis.

Jim McMahon has discovered Pelosium.

Just a Conservative Girl shows us an interview with the DOJ whistle blower.  

Bishop Gregori reveals the continuation of the destruction of America.

Maggie's Notebook tells how Congress finally passed Gilad Shalit resolution.

MAINFO reveals Barack Obama's ADD.

Mind Numbed Robot gives us plenty of reasons to filibuster Kagan.

The Daily Trek reveals a Boy Scout victory.

Eman tells us about the motto that Obama lives by.

Catholic Hippo shows us Greece lightning.

Reaganite Republican reveals Petraeus saying Military was never consulted on withdraw.

Cube gives a case for term limits.

Conservative Perspective shows us "Rise Up".

The Conservative Lady tells about Obama being accused of criminal negligence.

The Current remembers Gettysburg.

They Say/We Say reveals a Mexican gun bust.

TOTUS shows us a message to the President from Jan Brewer.

Woodsterman tells us about California Vs. Arizona.

Amusing Bunni reveals the drunkard-in-chief doing some explaining.

Conservative Hideout reveals the brutal nature of Communism.


commoncents said...

Great Post!

Keep up the excellent work!!

Common Cents

Opus #6 said...

T, you are the sweetest, most wonderful blog friend in the universe!

Ron Russell said...

A lot of work goes into one of these. I haven't done one yet, but I can appreciate the effort. Thanks for the link Teresa.

Christopher said...


The tremedous work you put into these posts is to be most admired and respected!

Needless to say that goes for all your other posts as well!

I especially wish to thank you for including my blog. I know we may not see eye-to eye on a particular subject but I know as I believe you do as well that we both remain firmly on the same side.

Not only as Americans mind you, but also Gods' soldiers.

God Bless you and yours and keep up the great work!

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa! WHat a wonderful and well thought out post. It's so hard to put these together. You are to be commended for all your hard work and thoughtfulness.

Thanks for including me with these great bloggers, and I agree with everyone's comments, esp. Opus & Ron.
Have a great Holiday and God Bless you and America.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Teresa, thank you kind lady ... you honor me.

Longhaired Conservative said...

Hi T! Thanks for the link. Great collection you've got there.