Friday, July 9, 2010

Reduce The Defense Budget?

E.D. Kain gives reasons why we should reduce our defense budget. He agrees with Grayson's proposed legislation, "The War is Making You Poor Act", which would carve out $159 billion from the defense budget.  Maybe we could reduce military spending? But, the United States is usually the first country that is asked for help when any disaster occurs. The National Defense Magazine answers five important questions related to E.D. Kain's proposition to cut the defense budget.  Maybe Americans shouldn't expect a payment even if the defense budget is cut?  Plus, that wouldn't help reduce the deficit one iota if the money that was originally used for defense spending is just spread around to taxpayers.  Reducing taxes for both individual taxpayers and small businesses would accomplish the same thing as Grayson's Act by simply allowing taxpayers to keep more of their money, encouraging small businesses to hire, and that in turn would stimulate the economy.  If you look at the 2010 budgets for all the departments run by the federal government the defense budget seems quite reasonable and on target.  In fact, it seems like some other agencies run by the federal government could reduce their budgets.  But, maybe the defense budget could be reduced also?


innominatus said...

If we pulled our troops out of places like Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea, I could see some room for this discussion. As long as our countrymen and being shot at or at threat of being shot at, I say no way.

Teresa said...

I agree with your assessment.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

If we don't "Reduce the Defense Budget", then how can you possibly expect to make it easier for our enemies to conquer us and redistribute our wealth? Silly girl!

John Carey said...

This is typical of liberals. Instead of cutting the wasteful spending that can be found in entitlement programs, they take their knives and head straight for the military budget. Now understand there is wasteful spending in the military budget, but the problem is the liberals won't just shave the fat, they'll cut to the bone in the middle of a war. Absolutely moronic.

Opus #6 said...

I thought Obama already reduced the defense budget. Was that not one of his first acts?

This is why we should NEVER let libs hold the reins of power again. They want to wish away war by making America weak. They won't admit that weakness invites attack. Peace is attained through strength in a dangerous world.

The Conservative Lady said...

There is peace in strength. We cannot allow our standing in the world to be diminished by a weak military.
This is another progressive plan to destroy America.

Christopher said...

Two things here Teresa that concern me;

(1) Military spending is not nor ever has been in the "general budget" for good reason; It is provided for CONSTITUTIONALLY for the common defense.

Which leads me to my second concern; You state in your post and I quote;

"Maybe we could reduce military spending? But, the United States is usually the first country that is asked for help when any disaster occurs"

Now I realize you are a very well intentioned Christian individual but I must ask you or anyone reading this to point out to me where in the Constitution where such a directive/mandate is stated.

I dare say you or anyone can do so.

The liberal BS about Bush or any previous administration lieing about deficiets by not including defense spending is just that,,BS.

IT NEVER HAS BEEN!! Until now under Hussein?

All discretionary spending OUTSIDE what is ennumerated, mandated and clearly stated in the Constitution is what needs to be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

I would like defense spending cut in half, but in a smart way.
1. Stop outsourcing everything to contractors
cut back the boots on Western Europe and other unessential places..

Stop Marxism said...

Liberals will spend on anything that will get them votes, all the while destroying OUR future. When we have more enemies looking to take us down, left wing wackos cut our Military.
Thanks for your efforts, Teresa.