Friday, July 16, 2010

A Peacenik Went to Fight the Jews and Ended Up Getting Raped

She offered her services to help Palestinians fight against Jews and Israel.
 This woman went to the Middle East and gets raped-- raped by a "peaceful" Palestinian.

The Palestinian Authority wanted her to shut up and stop embarrassing them so they did the "fair" thing and handed her rapist's punishment out. His punishment was to say "I’m sorry I raped you. Have a nice day.”

Then he asked for her telephone number.

Can you believe this? That's it? This is utterly outrageous!! So much for punishment and justice for women in the Middle East. We need to continue to stand up for womens rights' in the Middle East.  No woman should be treated like they are someone's property. Guys this is gonna sound harsh but I think this guy deserves to be castrated. At least that would prevent him from raping another woman.  Where is the outcry from the so-called feminists in Hollywood?  Oh.... They only stand up for fellow liberal and Palestinian women. They are not feminists, but in fact feminazis.

The incident took place last April, as Omar Aladdin, who had served a term in an Israeli jail in the past after having been convicted of terrorism, arrived one evening at the guest house in which many of the foreign peace activists were staying. The European and American female activists reportedly agreed to let Aladdin stay with them after he had told them he feared the Israel Defense Forces were on his tail, adding that he had been severely beaten at an IDF checkpoint only a week before.

During his stay Aladdin attempted to rape a Muslim-American woman, nicknamed “Fegin” by fellow activists. The woman escaped, later accusing the popular protest man of the attempt. One villager who had encountered the American following the incident said she had been in a state of shock.

Aladdin then refused to apologize for the incident, when news of it reached the village’s popular committee, the popular protests’ governing body, saying that the incident had been marginal and normal. The American activist then asked the committee to notify authorities of the attempted rape, a request which resulted in the man being arrested by security forces in Bethlehem. After agreeing to apologize for the incident, Aladdin was released from custody by the PA police.

The U.S. citizen was then convinced to retract her complaint, as to avoid tainting the image of the popular protest, which had attracted praise from around the world in recent months.

We are now learning that this is one of many such incidents reported by foreign “peaceniks” who come to support the Palestinians. The Palestinians admit that, as they just said, “the incident had been marginal and normal.”

However, for Christians and Jews rape is definitely not, ” marginal and normal.” But since we are the infidels I guess nothing we do is praiseworthy and anything they do, including rape is, at the worst,” marginal and normal.”

Where are the left-wing protesters against rape? This has been, as the Palestinians mention, going on for a long time. Surely the flotilla people wouldn’t be so quiet if an Israeli were the rapist.

H/T JewishDailyReport  


innominatus said...

I know that muslims are just people who have got caught up in a false religion, and that we should be praying for them. But another part of me can't help but wonder if some of them aren't quite 100% human.

Amusing Bunni said...

This is an outrage, they are scum.
I really feel sorry for that poor woman. Trying to help and then this happens.

Thanks for letting us know about this, Teresa.
I hope your weekend is good.

Leticia said...

Makes you wonder and rather sick to the stomach, how some American women have chosen to marry into the religion of Islam, by marrying a Muslim.

Their eyes will be opened once they step foot on Muslim territory, mosques, etc. They married their freedom away.

For the poor, helpless women who were born into this kind of slavery, they need our prayers, as well.