Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Elton John Rocks!!

First, Elton John played at Rush Limbaugh's wedding and now he has spoken out and admonished those musicians who are boycotting Arizona because of their new immigration law.  WAY TO GO,  ELTON!!

From Fox News:

Never one to back out of a performance to make a statement, music icon Elton John offered some choice words for his fellow musicians who choose to boycott Arizona over the SB 1070 immigration law.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, while performing at his sold-out concert at the Tucson Arena, he said:

"We are all very pleased to be playing in Arizona. I have read that some of the artists won't come here. They are f***wits! Let's face it: I still play in California, and as a gay man I have no legal rights whatsoever. So what's the (expletive) with these people?"

John is known for not giving into outside pressures when it comes to playing concerts in politically charged environments.

Last month, he ignored calls for a boycott of Israel, playing in Tel Aviv amid debates about an aid flotilla.

Here is more on his decision to play in Israel.

"Musicians spread love and peace, and bring people together. That's what we do," he said of artists like Elvis Costello and Santana, who canceled performances in Israel. "We don't cherry-pick our conscience."

Elton John is the bomb!!! He rocks!!!  Elton John is a classy guy.  He can disagree with your position and still be respectful of you at the same time.

This is one of my favorite Elton John's songs. Enjoy!!


John Carey said...

I know that he played at Rush's wedding and they have become good friends. He stands by his principles and I respect Sir Elton John for that.

The_Kid said...

I don't have many albums, but I do have Madman Across the Water.

Christopher said...

Well gotta give credit where credit is due and that said I salute Elton for that.

CambridgeLady said...

I don't really know what EJ's politics are. I can't believe he sees eye-to-eye with the extreme right in the USA, who will despise him, not because of his character or any of his actions, but simply because he is gay. He's gone up in my estimation because he is able to rise above such prejudice and discrimination and just get on with his job.

Teresa said...

Me too, John.

Teresa said...

sounds good. I don't have any albums but sure do love hearing his songs on the radio.

Teresa said...

Credit was certainly due here.

Teresa said...

You might be surprised to know that Elton John is not a proponent of "gay marriage" but only for civil unions. That is exactly where I stand. As long as gay couples are given all the same benefits etc. without perverting the meaning of marriage then I am fine with that.

CambridgeLady said...

Hi Teresa - I certainly wasn't accusing you of being anti-gay ..... I appreciate there are a variety of feelings on this among conservatives. I just thought it remarkable that EJ could rise above some of the hatred he must encounter from the far right. I thought he had married his spouse ..... I stand corrected.

Amusing Bunni said...

I love Elton John so much, he was correct calling them f8ckwits! I'm happy he speaks his mind, and is not a lefty loving toady like the other "sir" paul the putz.

cube said...

I have some of his albums (yes, album, a word that is rapidly becoming obsolete). I think he doesn't sing as well as he used to anymore, but I admire his courage in not always going along with the liberal Hollyweird mentality.

The_Kid said...

Cambridge Lady.

Wow. WHERE did you get the idea the 'Right" were against gay people. Wait don't tell me. I'll guess it was your liberal media and your liberal thought processes.

Conservatives - which make up the Extreme Right - don't have the slightest problem with gays. There aren't "a variety of feelings on this" among conservatives.
We don't care what they do as long as they don't try to shove anything down our throat which would go the same for TV Evangelists or Jehovah's Witnesses that ring our doorbells.

Today's less is this. - People who have a problem with gays are redneck A$$holes, not conservatives. Can I say that here? Your education/media system is failing you.

Teresa said...

Cambridge Lady,
While you weren't accusing me per se, conservatives are on the "right" so I felt the need to interject a clarification into the discussion. People on the "far right" do not have a problem with gays. As The Kid says, Its the redneck a$$holes that have a problem with gays. Or those fringe groups like the KKK that are against homsexuals, period. I personally don't think one's sexual relationship should determine whether a couple gets benefits or not. If two relatives are living together they should have the same right to know the others medical care, other benefits, etc. also.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,
Elton John is an excellent musician/singer! I'm glad he spoke out also.

Have a great night :)

Teresa said...

It is great that Elton John departs from the Hollyweird mentality. That's cool that you still have some of his albums. They might be colletor's items now.

CambridgeLady said...

"Wow. WHERE did you get the idea the 'Right" were against gay people."

In the conservative blogosphere TBH! Not here or on your blog or on others I regularly peruse ..... but I do travel from blog to blog and I occasionally come across opinions that I find deeply unpleasant. Maybe it's more of a religious thing than a political thing but you have to admit that many (most) fundamentalist Christians are right wing in their politics!

I am well aware that some elements of the media seek to make fun of the far right in America. Believe me, I attach no more credibility to them than I do to right wing bias against "liberals".

Pedaling said...

Yay for Elton John---I love his music, so glad he didn't tick me off like the Dixie chicks did years back and I could no longer stomach their songs.