Saturday, July 17, 2010

Janet Boynes: Former Lesbian Leaves the Lifestyle & Embraces God

This is a truly inspiring true story. She lived a homosexual lifestyle for 14 years until an encounter in a grocery store parking lot led her back.

From CBN: "Janet Boynes grew up in a family of seven kids, by four different fathers. The man who raised her was an alcoholic. The Boynes family always had the police outside. Janet’s mother was abused as she grew up."

"I think what you have a tendency of doing is repeating what was done to you," Janet said. "I know she wanted the best for me, but the abuse was beyond measure. I can’t remember to this day as a kid that my mother ever, you know, hugged me or told me that she loved me."CONT

Here is her book -- Called Out: A Former Lesbian's Discovery of Freedom


Anonymous said...

That is a great story. Thank you for sharing this.

Matt said...

I linked this Teresa. You've gone and ticked off the entire gay community. Well done!

Teresa said...

It was my pleasure to pass along.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the link. It must be a good day if I pissed off the gay community.

dining room table said...

I watch the video and I am so amazed in the story of Janet Boynes. That is a very incredible story. That is a very big decision to make and I think that is a good decision.