Friday, December 10, 2010

Catholic Colleges Very Identity Threatened by Obama Administration

So much for religious freedom at Catholic colleges.  The Obama administration is now targeting them. This has me fuming mad!  The Obama administration has issued new federal regulations which threaten Catholic colleges right to religious freedom and also threatens their right to be able to teach according to the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  This attack on our religious freedom must stop!!  In Chicago Obama was very chummy with Cardinal Bernardin who was the person who developed the seamless garment of life philosophy which "holds that issues such as abortion, capital punishment, militarism, euthanasia, social injustice and economic injustice all demand a consistent application of moral principles that value the sacredness of human life (as defined by the Catholic Church)."  This philosophy has done a great injustice to the pro-life community and is false when equating abortion with that of a public execution since the Church has officially declared Dogma declaring abortion to be intrinsically evil but not in the case of capital punishment, which, according to longstanding Church tradition, the state may justly apply when bloodless means will not protect society as effectively.  So, this "seamless garment" philosophy was a perversion of Church Teachings IMO. Obama was good friends with Cardinal Berdardin and I am going to speculate that that is when he and other Marxists started infiltrating the Church and using their community organizing efforts to teach Church members their Marxist ways while perverting the true meaning of social justice and making into some political philosophy of zealotry.  I am positive that this type of thing didn't just happen in Chicago where I am sure Obama had a hand in it.  It was and is widespread, and others like Obama did their part.  That is at least in part how I believe that the whole perversion of social justice got out of hand within the Church and why church members today feel that it is okay to dissent from certain Church Teachings such as abortion and contraception.  The Catholic colleges need to fight this and take the Obama administration to court for violating their religious freedom.

Here is the article from The Cowl:

"New federal regulations issued by the Obama administration a few weeks ago threaten not only recruitment for Catholic colleges, but more importantly, their very identity. The new regulations increase oversight for colleges through either state chartering or licensing, which are necessary for colleges to obtain federal aid. While states have always had to approve colleges that receive aid, the new law mandates that states approve colleges by name. States will also have greater power to act on complaints pertaining to colleges.

So why is this a problem? New regulations represent a federal encroachment on the independence of private institutions and especially religious schools. Even the Department of Education itself admitted that "a state's role may extend into defining, for example, curriculum, teaching methods, subject matter content, faculty qualifications, and learning outcomes." Catholic colleges that incorporate religious teaching in their curriculum may risk losing federal funding if state governments don't approve of the content.

All sorts of controversial issues come to mind that could be forced into the curricula of Catholic colleges by state governments as a condition of federal aid. Schools like Providence College might have to teach that it's acceptable to get an abortion or that creationism is a myth propagated by religious wackos.

We're not safe from a repeat of what happened at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina. At this Catholic school, the administration issued a statement that employee health insurance would not fund contraceptives and abortions because it violated Catholic teaching on the dignity of human life. However, eight dissenting faculty members appealed to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which responded by accusing the college of discriminating against women.

Unfortunately, federal regulation is already trying to undermine key precepts of the Catholic faith, which should be actively promoted by Catholic schools across the country. The scary thing is that even federal officials admit these new regulations do "not limit a State's oversight of institutions." In other words, states have total authority to rule against a school whose curriculum it deems "discriminatory" for promoting life.

Catholic schools that aren't approved by state governments will lose funding, which will hurt enrollment. Although enrollment obviously matters, what's at stake is greater. These new federal regulations threaten the responsibility of Catholic schools to spread their missions unimpeded by politically correct legislation, aimed at enforcing secularism—or even atheism."


Anonymous said...

They will not stop, that is why our fight will not be won with a single election, it may take decades.

sig94 said...

Unfortunately the mantle of religion covers both believers and Kool-Aid drinkers. The apostles warned us about false teachers nearly two thousand years ago. In that repsect, nothing has changed.

Reaganite Republican said...

Agree with Trestin, this assault on our faith is relentless... and what a coincidence yesterday I read the entire Saudi press corps are convinced Obama is a Muslim.

They know what that bow to the king meant... even if the millions of ostriches in our country can't face reality and keep buying his BS cover story

The enemy within... sickening

The Watcher said...

Granted, this may very well be an 'assault on faith', but that's not the real issue, IMHO.

If a college/university functions totally through private party donations, student tuition and the like, the students and those who donate have a voice in how the school functions, do they not? In this case, those donations/tuitions are coming from people who apparently agree with the college/university's teaching methods and goals, so you might not have too much dissention.

Enter the secular Federal Government and their 'federal funding'. Since they're giving 'federal' monies to these schools, are we who say they're 'attacking faith' denying them the privilege of voicing their opinions as to how those monies be applied, i.e. curriculum, etc.?

The problem is, even most private colleges/universities can't function without federal and state aid, and too many students are dependent on federal and state student loans for colleges and universities to divest themselves of federal and state 'interference'. And no, I have no clue how they could divest themselves at this point.

In a nutshell, even private colleges/universities have been bought by the feds, so the feds are going to 'make suggestions'. And when the feds make 'suggestions', they always back them with threats, making them offers you can't refuse.