Monday, December 20, 2010

Is Christmas a dirty word?

According to the far Leftist NPR it is.  I found this story over at Gateway Pundit. NPR is now apologizing for using the word Christmas.  These people are anti-Christian bigots. The fact that they feel the need to apologize to their listening public for them using the word Christmas is ludicrous and means that they are ashamed of Christ, who is the reason for CHRISTmas.  Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season.  Gee... NPR doesn't want to offend any other sect of our society but oh sure, go ahead and offend Christians by disrespecting Christ and his birth.  These leftist Christian bigots don't mind bending over backwards for every other religion out there but don't care one iota about offending Christians time after time.  This is so sickening! This is yet one more example of Christian persecution in our society.  Here is Nina Totenberg apologizing for recognizing Christ and saying the word Christmas.  You bet your sweet bippy that she wouldn't be apologizing for saying Happy Ramadan.  Our tax dollars should not be funding anti-Christian bigotry. If NPR thinks their programming is so wonderful then they should be able to find the necessary funding to keep afloat. If not, then oh well. There would be no great loss in losing far Leftist channels who are by far out to the left of main stream America.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

She is clueless? "Excuse the expression"? It is what it is!

If it was a "winter" or "holiday" party it would have been called that but apparently the planners had another theme in mind - CHRISTMAS!

This bimbo apologizing for something she had no hand in planning does not surprise me the least bit or even the hypocrisy of her attending a "Christmas Party".

But what does really and I mean really surprise me is where the Christmas Party was held, a U.S. governmental agency and of all agencies the Department of Justice!!!

Somebody there will get fired for sure due to either being a Christian or lapse in judgment in the very naming of the event.

Opus #6 said...

NPR does not represent America. They are a fringe group and should be defunded immediately. They would then have to change their name to NR or just R.

innominatus said...

Just got back from Fred Meyer (known as Kroger outside the NW). When my wife said "Merry Christmas!" to the girl in the pharmacy, she replied with a snotty-toned "um, yeah, you too!"

This problem is everywhere and getting worse.

Teresa said...

Christopher - Someone in the Dept. of Justice must have had a PC memory lapse for a few minutes.

Opie - I hope that NPR is defunded by the new congress.

Innom - Such disrespect by our youths *UGH*

All we can do is to do our best to spread Christian values.

Quite Rightly said...

How about if Christians stopped paying -- excuse the expression -- taxes? Let the secularists and the religion of piecers do the paying for a while. After all, they are so much smarter than the rest of us.

The Watcher said...

Now, now...Nina Totenberg is - if you'll excuse the expression - a human being.

I've actually noticed an INCREASE in folks saying Merry Christmas to me this year - and I've had exactly ZERO people say Happy Holidays. Most surprising - our trash-men leave a card every year for Christmas; this year it was a Madonna and Child card with 'May the blessings of He who was born this day go with you this year and every year to come'. I was dumbfounded - never expected THAT one, believe me.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa! I agree w/ Opie, the NPR should be defunded. I can't stand watching this twat, she's a tard and how dare she say that, insulting Christmas.

If people don't like Merry Christmas, they should be boiled w/ a stake of holly through their hearts....ha ha. Channelled old Ebenezer there ;-)

I say it to People, and if they can't reply civilly, well then that's their loss, and I won't be so nice to them in the future!

This is total insanity and very distressing, BTW.
I'm sick how these leftist bums are destroying America. I wonder if obummer will put Mao and maybe stalin & hitler this year on the WH tree?

Comrades In Arms said...

I am confused, Comrade. Did not the Lightworker, the Healer of Planets and Lowerer of Sea Levels, Teh Won, the Clean, Articulate Negro, the Causer of Thrills Up Chris Matthews' Leg, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Securer of Olympics and World Cups for Chicago, the Great Unitet, Obama the First, did he not himself have such a Holiday Tree decorated and lit in front of the Peoples' House? If so, would this not set an example of what is acceptible for all of us who are not so enlightened?

Snarky Basterd said...

I apologize for paying taxes that fund NPR.

Teresa said...

Quite Rightly,

I totally agree! In fact I had just recently seen a video which said that the IRS has no authority to enforce the paying of taxes.

The Watcher,

I haven't been out shopping that much during this Christmas season so I really can't say one way or another. I'm glad you've seen an increase in respect for Christmas.

It would be nice if Nina acted like a decent human being.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,

I think people who hate Christmas or simply don't believe in it need to be sent to Iran so they can have some "fun" with their Muslim friends. But, they also need all the prayers in the world for their conversion.

I am so sick of how the Leftist scum buckets are destroying America,also. I wish we could impeach BO and replace him with someone who loves America.

Teresa said...

Comrades In Arms,

You said it - holiday tree?

See the man doesn't even have the humanity to recognize Christmas with a Christmas tree.

Just thought of this - I wonder if BO eats pork? If he doesn't, then that's more proof that he isn't a Christian.


Just added your latest post to my Eagle Freedom links.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I think we should get on the new Congress to cut NPR funding.