Friday, July 29, 2011

EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS 7-29-11 Birds of Flight/Steve Miller Band


American Perspective - Did Obamacare Kill the Obama Recovery?  and Battle Hound 

America's Watchtower - My email to Barack Obama 

Atlas Shrugs - Hamas Executes Father and Son for Israeli Cooperation 

Amusing Bunni's Musings - Meet Paco the Super Dog, 10lbs of fury, chasing thugs 

ARRA News Service - Would the President Really Veto the Nation into Default

A Catholic View - Step Forward to Defend DOMA from Repeal, Official Urges

A Patriotic Rottweiler - Economy and Freedom - A Lesson for Liberals 

A Western Heart - Iemma Predicts Carbon Calamity 

Swimming Eagle from Wandering Wolf Productions on Vimeo.

Acts Of Apostasy - Remember - Same-Sex Marriage Won't Affect You...

Adrienne's Corner - Debt Ceiling Kabuki Theater Continues, the Huffington Post Causes Migraines, and John Hawkins is an Idiot...

Allied Liberty News - Viral of the Day: Just Why California Is Bankrupt? 

Always On Watch - The Government Borrows To Spend 

American Creation - The Anti-Slavery Awakening at Our Founding 

Anonymous Political Scientist - Dr. Drew Comments on Dr. Lott, Jr's Seven Myths About the Debt Ceiling

Barking Spider - Give Us Some REAL Fucking News You Cunts!

Barracuda Brigade 2012 - Iran Says Installing New Nuclear Enrichment Machines!!  

BBCW - Obama Closes Borders

Beer, Bicycles, and the VRWC - Taxing Evil Big Corporations

Beers With Demo - Your High Speed Choo-choo Update 

Biblical Conservatism - Default Not A Given Without Debt Deal (Unless Obama Chooses) 

Big Blue Wave - Pittsburgh Abortionists Caught Dealing Drugs 

Black Or White Is A Choice - Martial Law is Around the Corner If We Allow Him to do it This Way.!?

Blog de King Shamus - See What You're Not Noticing? The Anti-War Protests Have Fizzled Out 

Blowing San #1 - No Justice For This Prolife Activist 

Bluegrass Pundit - Barack Obama vs Barack Obama on the Debt Ceiling 

Bread Upon The Waters - Obama Privately Assures Banks There Will Be No Default 

Catholibertarian - On Envy, Ecology, and the Redistribution of Wealth 

Catholic Fire - Cardinal Burke On Suffering and Respect for Human Life

Catholic Once Again - Stem Cells - What's Moral and What's New in the News 

Cmblake6's Weblog - And Here's a "Tingle Up My Leg" 

Commentarama - Amber Waves of -- Solar Panels? 

Common Cents - Comedy Gold: Press Secretary Jay Carney 

Conservative Hideout 2.0 - "Unexpected" Morphed into "Above Expectations," Elites still surprised by Reality  and Tea Party Group Protests NAACP Convention 

Conservative Perspective - Congress, When Talking Numbers Figure This In - The Cost of Illegal Aliens - A Look at the Numbers......

Conservatives On Fire - Who Is Responsible For Our Debt The Democrats Or The Republicans?

Creative Minority Report - Abortionist: Yeah, Babies are Born Alive

Creeping Sharia - Somali-Canadian Women Recruited by Islamic Terror Group

Crime, Guns, and Videotape - There is an Extraordinary Acting Coach in Santa Monica, CA

DeanO - Return of Mass Layoffs a Grimm Sign for U.S. Workers 

Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! - Coffee Cup Browsing

Don't Tread On Us - Question #1 Answer  and Darwin's Fairy Tale: Part 2 

DRScoundrels - Awesome debt ceiling and tax wisdom: Must see vids 

Eye Of Polyphemus - Wild Cards 

Faith of the Fathers - North Carolina House Overrides Perdue Veto of Pro-life Bill 

Far Right Girl - Taxation Without Representation

Fleece Me - Intransigence Only Applies To The Right =(

Fuzzy Logic - The Tea Party Movement: Not on our watch, Not Now, Not Ever (repost)

Generational Dysfunction - Horrific Speech by Obama

Greene County Young Republicans - Quote of the Decade 

Greg Mankiw's Blog - The Light Bulb Ban 

Hack Wilson - Obama "needs a dance partner" on immigration reform while speaking before La Raza - The 14th Amendment Gambit 

Hyphenated-American - A Few Obvious Things 

Info on Islam - Islam Destroys the Conscience 

Innominatus - Defeat To Victory to Defeat to Victory 

It Don't Make Sense - Signs 

Jo-Joe Politico - Stop Calling Him What He Is Not! It Makes You Look Stupid

Just A Conservative Girl - The Promise and The Reality 

Just An Artist - Tank Fun!

Landshark 5150 - Someone Has to Caption This One, Cause my mind is Spinning Here in Key West 

Left Coast Rebel - Lipstick, Dresses, and a Porcine Beauty Pagent...

Let The Truth Be Known - Obama Administration ID Scheme 

Legal Insurrection - Senate Dems Kill Cut, Cap, & Balance Bill - leave nation with NO plan//Update: Reid tells Senate to take Weekend Off 

Libertarian Republican - Trump Hearts Bachmann? 

Liberty At Stake - Debt Ceiling Tug Of War - No Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal 

Lisa Graas - Indian Government Concerned About Gender-Based Abortions 

Lone Star Parson - LSH  and Come On. Move To Detroit. 

Lonely Is The Nights.... - Why We Need A Tetanus Shot...

Maggie's Notebook - World Trade Center Cross Sued By Atheists  and Laura Ingraham John Boehner: Interview - Time To Do What Is Doable

Mind Numbed Robot - Steve Wynn: Obama's Socialist Policies Killing Jobs 

Motivation Truth - Governor Palin Tackles Debt Debate on Fox 

Musings Of A Vast Right-Winger - Obama's Idea of a Balanced Budget

My Daily Trek - US Gives Bizarre Dhimmi Orders to Troops in Afghanistan 

My Journey - The Roof Of The World

Nikon Sniper - Children are a Blessing from the Lord 

Nonsensible Shoes - Nader Looks for Obama 2012 Challengers

NoOneOfAnyImport - But I'm Already Home, John Hawkins Updated 

Obama Cartoons - Obama Hell  

Pathetically Incorrect - Same As It Ever Was .... Carter and Obama 

Pedaling Fast - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat 

Phoebe's Detention Room - What's your favorite movie??

Political Realities - Raising the Debt Ceiling - Where to go from here 

Proof Positive - How Long does it Take to Run the Country Dangerously Into Debt? 

Pundette & Pundette - Choosing Time For Conservatives

QUIKWIT - Where Did I Put That Remote Control........ 

Randy's Roundtable - This Isn't Wild Eyed Socialism 

Rational Nation USA - Thoughts Worth Considering 

Reaganite Republican - Reaganite's Sunday Funnies

Right Klik - A Friendly Reminder  

Robbing America - Deficit Spending at the Mongo Toy Company and their Debt Ceiling 

Saber Point - Politics are unbelievably dirty, rotten and ruthless: How to fight back peacefully 

Sancte Pater - Let's play "Name that Priest" 

Self Evident Truths - Obama: "Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting, I promise you." 

Sentry Journal - I'm taking a mulligan: Jan Schakowsky could possibly be the most useless person in America and Behind Closed Doors 

Standing On My Head - Atheism and Schizophrenia 

Tea And Politics - Egypt: Muslim Attack On Christians Provoked By Installation Of Church Bell 

That Mr. G Guy's Blog - Do Away With National Debt Ceiling Law

Theblogprof - Shocker: Obamacare To Leave Families With HIGHER Insurance Costs

The Born Again Americans - God Bless Ted Nugent

The Camp Of The Saints - Dhimmitude From A Dhimmitard 

The Conservative Lady - Marco Rubio On Face The Nation - Great Interview  and Operation Fast & Furious: Straw Buyers and Big Liars

The Country Thinker - Missing from the debt ceiling debate: Overregulation

The Daley Gator - U.N. Group Calls for Abortion As Human Right For 10-Year-Olds, Decriminalization of Youth Prostitution and Drug Use 

The Empress Is Naked - Barack's Limp Leadership 

The Last Tradition - Nevada Man James Linlor Sues DMV for Trying to ban Personalized 'GOPALIN' license Plates, but Obama Plates ok 

The Libertarian Patriot - Reason TV - 3 Reasons Why the Debt Ceiling Debate is Full of Malarkey 

The Liberty Sphere - Video: Homeland Security considers white, middle class citizens to be terrorists

The Malcontent - Is The Emperor Upset? 

The Observatorium - Rupert Murdoch, Bible Publisher? 

The Other McCain - What Happened to 'No Drama Obama'?

The Right Guy - Heroes and Assholes 

The Scottcarp Dream - Building a Religion 2012 Edition - Barack Obama

The Wyblog - Mr. Christie goes to Iowa

TOTUS - Coyotes and Big Government

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia - The Contraception Deception 

Weasel Zippers - Noonan: "He's like a walking headache. He's probably triggering Michele Bachmann's migraines." 

Virtual Mirage - Is the US Govt 'smuggling' military grade weapons to Mexico?

Warning Signs - Ignoring Iran to Our Peril

What Does The Prayer Really Say? - Australia - A bill to force priests to break the Seal of Confession

We The People... - Operation Fast and Furious XXXII 

Wolf Files - My Washington Times Latest: Barack Obama's pants on fire

Woman Honor Thyself - The U.K. is Muslim

Woodsterman - Badass Texas Rabbit 

Zilla Of The Resistance - Al & MO Hate The Ladies 


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You rock the links, T!

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Thanks for the links Teresa. You're the best!

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I love the music. Thank you, Teresa.

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Thanks for the link! That is one heck of a list you have there, it must have taken quite a bit of time to compile.

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Thanks again kind lady. You put me in such good company.

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Great collection! Thanks for including me!

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The eagle videos are stunning. Can't decide which one I like best. You can really see how huge and powerful they are, but loved watching the one swimming. Teresa, thank you so much for the link. Awesome roundup!