Monday, July 18, 2011

Question For Blacks/African Americans: What Do You Think About This Crime?

Here is the scenario: A Bronx man has claimed that he was attacked and robbed while riding on the subway all because of the color of his skin.  The police are investigating it but they don't consider this to be a hate crime, so far.  There were four men who followed the victim to another train, surrounded him and then called the victim some nasty racial slurs.  That was outrageous! So wrong!  This racial hatred needs to stop!  Then the victim claims that the group of hooligans punched and kicked him while he was held in a headlock.  The police say they're unsure whether this assault was motivated by bias so it hasn't been handed over to the NYPD's hate crimes task force yet.

I would like some Blacks/African Americans opinions on this matter.  Do you think that this should be considered a hate crime or not?  Do you think that the police should investigate this matter further?


lin said...

Gosh, the perpetrators were black. Now let me guess, was the victim white? Welcome to the post racial world of O-buma and his race hustler Attorney General Eric Holder.

Teresa said...
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The Conservative Lady said...

Why do we have to label crimes "hate". A crime is a crime no matter who it's against. We have to stop compartmentalizing people and treat everyone as "people". We are never going to get beyond "race" if we don't start treating everyone like they are equal.
How do they treat "hate crimes" differently than "non-hate crimes" anyway?

Teresa said...


I agree. Well, supposedly there are crimes committed solely based on race. Even if this happens only an extremely small fraction of the population solely focuses on the victim's race. I wonder if the police find a racial element to the crime if their is an added count against the offender?

The punishment should be based on the crime and not based on the color of one's skin.

Anonymous said...

It happens both ways. But yes, the perpetrators should receive the same punishment as would a member of the KKK

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I have to agree in part with Conservative Lady. There should be no place in our legal system for "Special" Victims Crimes, especially "Hate Crimes". Dose not the Declaration of Independence state that "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL"? Are we not all equal under the LAW?

Why should it be considered worse if some one kills a black man because he is black then to kill him just for kicks. He is still just as dead.

Hate crime and/or special victims laws, just as special rights for various groups of people such as gays are totally unconstitutional.

cube said...

I don't know what the facts are yet, but if what is reported here is true, then it was a racially motivated crime. Blacks are going to have to own up their criminal activity. Being black doesn't give you a license to break the law.