Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eagle Freedom Links July 7, 2011 -- The Traveling Wilburys

America's Watchtower - Asian pollution has halted global warming


Amusing Bunni's Musings - Fantastic News for Your Holiday....Plus Home & Pet Safety Tips 

American Perspective - Gender Apartheid in Iran - Women with no rights 

Atlas Shrugs - Law Enforcement Finally Admits Hezb'allah is Operating in Mexico 

A Conservative Teacher - What the History of the Russian Tsars Can Teach Us 

 A Patriotic Rottweiler - A Nation of Blind, Shortsighted, Incompetent Fools 

A Western Heart - Obama's Misleading Vocabulary 

Acts Of Apostasy - College Democrats Reveal Themselves 

Adrienne's Corner - Evil, Rotten, Capitalist Bastards... and Funniest post on Obama's presser.... 

Allied Liberty News - In Defense Of Marriage 

Always On Watch - Power Perverted Into Tyranny

American Creation - Constitution Quiz 

Another Black Conservative - That's Sarah Palin to you, Sarah Palin trademarks her name 

Barking Spider -The BBC: Middle Class, Multi-Culti, left-wing pricks 

BBCW - Will Obama Drop Biden as the Vice President? 

Beers With Demo - Rejoice...

Big Blue Wave - FCP commends Toronto mayor, condemns homosexual coercion 

Black or White Is A Choice - The Left's Contribution to the Youth of Our Country

Blowing San #1 - VA muzzles praying veterans...

Bluegrass Pundit - Secret Service Will Investigate the Hacking of Fox's Political Twitter Account and Average Stimulus Job Cost Taxpayers $278,000

Bread Upon The Waters - Obama: Fed Gov't should stop "Poking Its Nose Into What States Are Doing"

Catholic Fire - Vatican announces it will unveil secret archives of World War II

Catholic Once Again - John Martignoni's Forty-Two Questions 

Christian Conservative - Obama Isn't Working - Allentown, PA

Cmblake6's Blog - Bill Whittle explains "Turncoat" 

Commentarama - Wisconsin: Union Collapse = Education Reforms 

Common Cents - Rush Limbaugh's July 4th Speech in Joplin, MO

Conservative Hideout - Lessons from Economic Recessions II - The Forgotten Recession of 1920 and And While We Were Celebrating Independence Day... 

Conservatives On Fire - Hows That Income Redistribution Working Out For You?

Conservative Perspective - American Salute - Unsung Heroes 

Creative Minority Report - NY Clerk Refuses To Sign Gay Marriage Docs

Creeping Sharia - Muslims Harass and Bully Christian Preacher at 2011 Arab Fest

DeanO - How to browse securely on public wifi

Don't Tread On Us - Rebellion To Tyrants  and 7 American Problems

DRScoundrels - 2 Minute Video Crushes Obama "Leadership" Claims 

Eye Of Polyphemus - Cameron Diaz 

Faith of the Fathers - Time's Orwellian Story on U.S. Constitution Refuted - Ken Blackwell 

Fleece Me - Greed is a two-way street and Obama's Weekly Address - Socialism and Individualism in the same address 

Fuzzy Logic - The Declaration of Independence 

Generational Dysfunction - The Republic of Brokistan

Global Domination Through Applied Inactivity - The Monday Comics  

Greg Mankiw's Blog - A Good Exam Question

Hack Wilson - Man with HIV rapes 6 month old boy.  Your thoughts? - Freedom Fountain 

Hyphenated-American -- News of the Day - Hyphenated American became a U.S. Citizen 

It Don't Make Sense - Curbing Unions Grows Services 

Jo-Joe Politico - Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death 

Just a Conservative Girl - If This is Feminism, I Say No Thanks - Reporter Stages Her Own Rape To Cure PTSD

Just An Artist - Declaration of Independence Sung 

Left Coast Rebel - A List of Obama's Abuses Straight from the Declaration of Independence 

Let The Truth Be Known - America is Under Threat and Attack From Within 

Lisa Graas - Who Will Win the Catholic Swing Vote? 

Lone Star Parson - Hog Poem 

Lonely is the Nights - Battle Hymn of the Republic 

Maggie's Notebook - News Corp News International and News of the World Implicated in Massive Phone Hackings of Military Families and 7/7 Bombing Victims 

Mind Numbed Robot - Rush Limbaugh Speech July 4, 2011 - Joplin, MO

Motivation Truth - Where You can see :The Undefeated" on July 15th 

Musings Of a Vast Right-Winger - Paul Revere's Ride 

My Daily Trek - Independence Day: Our Christian Heritage

That Mr. G Guy's Blog - Balanced Budget Amendment Will be a Mistake 

The Camp of the Saints - Otto Von Hapsburg, R.I.P.  and When Mark Steyn starts to talk about the break-up of the United States...

The Daley Gator - *Videos* Armless Dudes Play Guitars With Their Feet

The Humble Libertarian - If John McCain Won in 2008, Ron Paul Can Win in 2012: Here's Why

NoOneOfAnyImport - An Opinion On All The Casey Anthony Opinions 

Obama Cartoons - Atlanta teachers get an "F" 

Pathetically Incorrect - Busted!!

Pedaling Fast - Temple, to temple, to temple 

Political Clown Parade - Photoshop of the Day: See Dick Run 

Political Realities - President Obama and the Unions - Separated or Divorced? 

Proof Positive - "Fleebaggers" Funded by Liberal "Nutroots"? I'm Shockled! 

Pundit & Pundette - Resolved: Congress is a Joke 

Quickwit - Union Tactics make local Businessman Sick

Randy's Rountable - Obama and The 14th Amendment

Rational Nation USA - The Looming Crises 

Reaganite Republican - Bachmann Drawing largest crowds of any 2012 Republican candidate in Iowa while pounding Obama like a punching bag

Rightklik - Why the Left's Global Warming Agenda is Wrong

Robbing America - The Dangerous Economic Illiteracy of Our Government

Saber Point - Casey Anthony Acquittal: Biggest Injustice Since O.J. Simpson

Self Evident Truths - The Obama Legacy

Sentry Journal - The Feminist Sword  and Minot Flood: Where We Go From Here...

Stop Marxism - The Best Dear Abby Ever

The Bitter Americans - A Mexican's Thoughts on Immigration 

The Catholic Knight - Our lady Of America - The Immaculate Conception - Pray For Us!

The Last Tradition - Must hear audio: Mark Levin Rips Apart NYT' Thomas Friedman on Israel & Obama

The Liberty Sphere - Progressives planning intense assault on constitution  

The Observatorium - Muslim Outreach 

The Oracular Opinion - Patriotism Is Alive! Hoo-Rah!

The Scottcarp Dream - Affirmative Action Atlanta Schools

The Wyblog - Chris Christie: 5, Planned Parenthood: 0

Theblogprof - Rush Limbaugh: If Casey Anthony's baby was killed in the womb, the media wouldn't care

Todays World News - Obama's Executive Order To Take over Our Heartland for One World Order

TOTUS - Smart Illegals and Dumb Americans or Pancho and "The Lefty"

Three Beers Later... - DOJ Implicated in Fast n' Furious Mexican Gun Scandal

The Audacity of Logic - Happy 4th of July America! 

The Blog - Colorful Characters 

The Born Again Americans - Every Time You Start to Lose Hope Something Like This Comes Along

The Conservative Lady - Budapest & Prague Honor and Thank President Ronald Reagan

The Country Thinker - Our debt problem is worse than our deficit problem 

The Libertarian Patriot - Rand Paul Plans to filibuster debt ceiling talks 

The Malcontent - "If You Voted For Obama in 2008 To prove you're Not a racist, you'll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot"  

The Other McCain - Obama" "Hey, Grandma, There's Still Room for You Under The Bus" 

The Right Guy - Happy Birthday GOP!

Virtual Mirage - Treason - and a new birth of freedom

Warning Signs - There is No First Amendment without a Second Amendment

We The People... - Words of Wisdom from Uncle Ted 

WDTPRS? - A Priest defends true marriage against the promoters of contrary-to-nature unions 

 Wolf Files - "A Time For Choosing" By Ronald Reagan 

Woman Honor Thyself - July 4th!

Woodsterman - Why California is Broke! 

Zilla Of The Resistance - Obama Officially Embraces Muslim Brotherhood, Designates Israel Sponsor of Terrorism 


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I won't back down! Well, the title and song fit me like a glove!

Great choice of videos!

Zilla/MJ said...

Great songs, great roundup! Thank you for including me, Teresa!

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for the linkage. I appreciate it.

Teresa said...

Leticia - That is a great song!

It is my pleasure Zilla and Always On Watch.

Always On Watch - I keep meaning to tell you that I keep trying to follow your blog but for some reason I have trouble following blogs where I have to hit follow up top of the blog. Can't figure it out and blogger support hasn't been much help either.

John Carey said...

Thank you so much for the link Teresa. As always we very much appreciate it. Great grouping.