Thursday, July 21, 2011

So, What's The Big Deal About Migraines? Liberals Making a Mountain Out of A Molehill

On Wednesday Michele Bachmann acknowledged to the press that she does in fact take medication to treat her migraine headaches. She said,"[l]ike nearly 30 million other Americans."  

 Bachmann released a letter from the attending physician of Congress to vouch for her health and ability.

Chris Heller of the National Journal posted some pictures of famous Americans with Migraines.  Here are a few examples:  

The liberals are making a mountain out of a molehill out of this.  She deals with migraine headaches which doesn't affect her work.  She answered the reporter's questions.  She provided a letter by her doctor which states that she is in overall good health and only gets the migraines infrequently.  Case closed.  This is a heck of a lot more than we know about Obama's health.  Liberals get over the fact that Bachmann is fit for command, to lead this country.  

Liberals stop making a mountain out of a molehill


Quite Rightly said...

Great post, Teresa!

Some presidents get headaches, some presidents give them to other people.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

This whole thing is giving me a migraine.

Opus #6 said...

If that's the worst they could dig up on her, she came though sitting pretty. I will personally apply cool compresses to her fevered brow if it ever comes to that.

The Watcher said...

Isn't that a Liberal Progressive hobby? I mean, they don't want to do real work, so they fabricate firestorms out of a flicked Bic(tm).

Just a conservative girl said...

I had not seen the doctors note. So that clears it up for me. As a person who used to get migrane's I can tell you that I was in bed for 24-48 hours in a cold dark room moving as little as possible. That would be a problem. But hers don't seem that severe.

San Antonio said...

I would rather have an intelligent, competent person, with migraines, like Michele Bachmann as President than someone who dislikes America.

The Conservative Lady said...

Great post.
I suffered from migraines for years and used over the counter stuff that sometimes worked and sometimes did not. Bad ones that laid me up for a day or two. Now I have a great script that knocks it right out as soon as I feel it coming on. This issue for Bachmann should be put to rest. It's just another ploy to try to destroy her.

Anonymous said...

I get migraines. It will knock you down, that is for sure, but like anything it can be managed. You learn to adapt.

MK said...

It's got nothing to do with Michele Bachmann's ability to run the country, if that were the case, liberal scum would never have voted for the current clown dragging you into the toilet.

They despise Michele Bachmann because she's not some liberal tart who'll kill her unborn because she couldn't be bothered to keep her legs closed.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I suffered from migraines all my life. Some days they were real doozies, but thanks to God and Excedrin,I managed to survive and live a normal (although that's debatable in some circles) existence.

The liberals can make a real catastrophe out of a hang nail.

dmarks said...

This is a medical disability.

The Obama administration has a poor record when it comes to persons of any disabilities. Remember President Obama mocking Special Olympic athletes on Letterman.

And the administration has referred to the mentally disabled as "f***ing retards".

It has a typical hallmark of fascism in which less than perfect human beings have no value. This aspect has reared its ugly head the most under the Obama regime.

Always On Watch said...

We here in the conservative blogosphere are hearing about the doctor's letter.

But what about those who don't frequent the same venue that we do?

The majority of American voters have a peculiar way of deciding for whom to vote.

In my view, this story about her headaches will do permanent damage to her, should she be the GOP candidate in 2012.