Sunday, July 24, 2011

Senator Pat Toomey On The Debt Debate

I am proud to say that my senator, Senator Pat Toomey, has been outspoken and at the forefront of these debt talks. He is one of the co-sponsors of "Cut, Cap, and Balance" and has strongly criticized both the Democrats and the President on how they have handled the debt talks. Here is a speech which Sen. Pat Toomey gave on the Senate floor a few days ago. In the second video he talks with Sean Hannity on the whole debt debate drama.


Anonymous said...

He is doing a good job. I've been happy with my Congressman Jason Chavez too.

WomanHonorThyself said...

we need outspoken candidates Teres!!!

Leticia said...

Wow! You can stand proud, Teresa. Someone with guts.

Anonymous said...

Right, Senator Toomey has been outspoken. He is also clueless regarding the actual workings of the political process. Unlike a large number of Pennsylvanians, I actually voted for Senator Toomey but I did so with the expectation that he would act like a LEGISLATOR -- compromising when necessary and acting in the best interests of the people. His grand-standing and pandering to the likes of Hannity serve the best interests of no one. Like the extremist on the Republican side of the House, Toomey needs to grow up and learn to get along with the majority of Americans.
I'm a registered independent and DID vote for Toomey last time; not so sure about next time, though!

Teresa said...


What you consider grandstanding most of the country believes to be in actuality speaking out for responsible cuts in order to solve the debt and spending issues.

He has come up with a couple of plans on his own to fix the debt problem and if you consider promoting a plan which would at least have a positive impact toward fixing the economy and/or debt issues than I feel sorry for you.

Please name one or more examples of Senator Toomey's grandstanding.