Sunday, June 21, 2009

ABC, Obama, and Health Care -- A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

In an article written by Jennifer Harper of The Washington Times on Friday June, 19, 2009, she writes about the 60-minute ABC program, to air live from the White House on Wednesday.
Is there a conflict of interest in ABC doing this hour long feature promoting Obama’s health care reform? YES
Here is one example:
“ABC employees gave 80 times as much money to Mr. Obama's 2008 campaign for president than to his rival's. According to an analysis of campaign donations by the Center for Responsive Politics, conducted at The Times' request, ABC employees in several divisions donated $124,421 to the Obama campaign, compared with $1,550 to the presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain.”

ABC is not allowing any airing of opposing views or which offer a different viewpoint during ABC’s hour at the White House. ABC has become the propaganda machine for the White House. Does ABC have some stake in promoting the President’s health care plan? There is talk that if ABC helps Obama then ABC will get a bailout from Obama, if they need one. If that is true, then I believe that the relationship that ABC news and Obama has in ABC promoting his health care reform is a probably one of the biggest conflicts of interest in history. Obama has stated that he will consider all suggestions and all other health care reform proposals brought before him . By him not allowing any alternate views on health care reform during this ABC hour at the White House, and not allowing the American people to hear different options during this town hall question-and-answer session, the President is sending the opposite message. Both ABC and Obama are sending a clear message that it must be the Obama health care plan or else. What happened to giving the American people an opportunity to hear all the options regarding health care that are on the table? What happened to giving Americans choice? Or do the Democrats only promote that agenda when its in line with their agenda and when convenient for them, like in the case of abortion. Forevermore, since ABC news has become the propaganda machine for the White House, it shall be renamed the ALL Barack Channel. Under Obama, this is becoming the land of forcing stuff down your throat and not letting you get all the facts, only the positive facts that Obama wants to give you, but not the whole truth.

“Denied a chance to question Mr. Obama on his policy or buy advertising time on the program, Republicans said ABC denied them equal time for the town-hall-style event, accusing the network of turning "its entire programming over to President Obama and his big-government agenda," RNC Chairman Michael S. Steele said in the organization's second public letter to the network in 48 hours.”

According to Harper, “An informal online poll at the New York Daily News on Thursday found that 75 percent of the respondents did not "trust" ABC to provide even-handed coverage.”

"ABC is in bed with their source, so to speak. ABC is supposed to be a news organization, not a producer of infomercials for national health care. And I wonder what they would have done if the Bush administration had asked for positive programming to support the war on terror or Social Security initiatives," said Dan Gainor, BMI vice president of business and culture.

Ted Devine, a Democratic strategist, says that he detected the vast right-wing conspiracy from Republicans. I guess if you call wanting more than one option presented to the American people regarding health care reform a vast right-wing conspiracy, then the GOP and conservatives are guilty. The GOP actually wants to present more options to the American people other than the one option which would be clearly a government-run health care system. The government has underestimated costs and screwed up anything and everything to do with government from social security to welfare. What makes you think that the President’s projected costs for his health care proposal are correct? Do we really want a single-payer health care system? Does Obama want the U.S.’s health care to look like Canada or England? These countries have long lines and patients must even wait for much needed life saving medical procedures. I believe that Obama’s health care plan must be stopped!!!! If Obama’s health care reform proposal is passed through Congress I believe that this will be the death of the greatest health care in the world -American health care.

Yes, I do believe that the health care industry does need some kind of overhaul. I do not think that government-run health care is the answer. I do believe that the cost of health care services must be reduced. Health care professionals must stop being beholden to the private insurance companies. I believe that if the Democrats get their way, then physicians will be subservient to the government and whether the government will approve a medical procedure based on the cost effectiveness of the procedure., and not based on whether the patient actually needs the medical procedure or not.

Is this an example of the vast left-wing conspiracy?


Anonymous said...

Teresa - as usual, you have done your great job of getting to the undercurrent of what is happening.

Beautiful work of dissecting the issue at hand and what we are all afraid is going to happen.

Fortunately, gone are the days when ABC could railroad us because they were part of the big 3 and singing the same tune. Thank goodness we have the internet, cable and radio exposing the fraud and lies for what they are.

This is government competition with a private sector, which WILL result in unfair competition due to taxes and regulations to ensure the government plan is the "best" option for employers and employees.

Funny how the unions are already being excluded from having to pay the tax on private health care plans if you don't join the government plan.

I appreciate your working hard to keep this discussion going as we have.

We have to keep America from putting both feet into bear traps, killing off private insurance for the most part and then having no escape when they decide it isn't working well.

Thanks again Mrs T!

Teresa said...

Thank You for the compliment drscoundrels. We conservatives have to stick together in this fight against both socialism and nationalized health care.