Monday, June 15, 2009

Bill Maher Takes On Obama

I probably disagree with most everything that Bill Maher believes in since he is a far left wing liberal. Even with disagreeing with Maher I can say that this video is funny!!! Enjoy!!! He even expresses anger at President Obama and calls him to task. I disagree with Maher on what he wants Obama to accomplish as President. But, Maher even says something that I wouldn't ever expect to come out of a far left wing comedians mouth who lives near Hollywood.

Obama needs to be more like George Bush


Kyle R. Cupp said...

You will find that many liberals and progressives in the media frequently criticize or express anger with President Obama.

Teresa said...

I have only heard a few criticisms of PresidentObama on MSNBC. And that is few and far between. I know Juan Williams has criticized him also. But none quite so outspoken as Maher. Could you please name a couple people who have criticized Obama? Just so I could check the people out and teir comments.

Kyle R. Cupp said...

Liberals/progressives I have seen criticize Obama include blogger Glenn Greenwald, economist Paul Krugman, lawyer and blogger Scott Horton, filmmaker Michael Moore, comedians John Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and television personalities Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. You'll see criticism of him in the pages of the Nation, the Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, Mother Jones, In These Times, and Common Dreams. Those progressives who supported the candidacy of Dennis Kucinich tend to be critical of Obama, particularly his militaristic foreign policy.

I haven't looked at all these, so don't hold me to them, but the following links popped up with a Google search.