Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pelosi, Where's The Proof?

On May 14, 2009 Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of lying about the timeline of when she was informed on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. Pelosi accused the CIA of deliberately misleading Congress over the use of techniques such as waterboarding.

Where's the Proof?

She called for a truth commision to investigate where the blame lay. The White House is against a truth commission since it would be looking backwards instead of forwards.
According to an article on Times Online on May 15, "."Republicans have insisted in recent weeks that Ms Pelosi and other senior Democrats were told that waterboarding had been used as early as September 2002, but had made no attempt to protest against techniques they have since condemned as torture."
In a press conference she rebutted such charges, saying: "To the contrary, we were told explicitly that waterboarding was not being used." Asked if the CIA had lied, Ms Pelosi replied: "They misled us all the time."

Where's the Proof?

In earlier statements Pelosi stated that she had not been told that waterboarding was being used during those briefings. One one hand Pelosi accuses CIA of withholding information then on the other hand she accuses the CIA of lying about waterboarding regarding the use of waterboarding on Abu Zubaydah.
As a former CIA director and former President of the United States George H.W. Bush is sticking up for the CIA amid the accusations manufactured by Nancy Pelosi.
In an interview that he had with the Washington Times, Bush takes a gentlemanly shot at the speaker for suggesting she was misled by the agency during a 2002 briefing on interrogations. Bush stated:
"I think she made most unfortunate comments, and I think she's paying a price for it, I think people see her as having been told — briefed on some things and then kind of acting like it didn't happen. So I'm a little disappointed in her."When asked directly whether the CIA lies "all the time," Mr. Bush said it does not.

It has been over a month since Pelosi's accusations against the CIA happened. Over the past month or so she has stated many different versions of what supposedly happened according to her. Yet, since then she has not provided any proof that the CIA has misled or lied to her regarding the enhanced interrogation techniques. The CIA has both consistently and repeatedly stuck to their same story. Pelosi's charge against the CIA, that they lied to Congress, is a very serious accusation which could also be considered a criminal offense. I believe that Pelosi needs to either provide proof that the CIA lied to her or she should make a statement apologizing to the CIA for making a false accusation against them. If these are classified documents and Pelosi wants to prove that she is not lying and making false accusations than I think she needs to request for the documents be declassified. I agree with her on one point that I would love a truth commision to happen in order to verify who exactly was lying and who was telling the truth. Let the American people find out the truth with reference to exactly which one, the CIA or Nancy Pelosi, was lying with regard to exactly when the information pertaining to enhanced interrogation techniques was released to the intelligence committee. I believe that the burden of proof lies with Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi since she is the one making the outrageous accusations.

Pelosi, Show The Proof
or Apologize to the CIA!!!!

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