Friday, June 5, 2009

Playboy Writer Spews Vulgar Fantasy Rape List

While listening to the news this morning I heard something very sick and disturbing. A Playboy writer, by the name of Guy Cimbalo made a fantasy top 10 list of attractive female conservatives that he wanted to "hate f@#$". He claimed that as a liberal, he wanted to find common ground by raping them. That is not only unacceptable but outrageous. I am extremely disturbed that this individual found it acceptable to advocate raping conservative women. Guy Cimbalo was advocating a crime. I believe that he needs to be fired from Playboy. I also believe that the 10 women he was advocating violating and committing a crime against may have grounds for a civil lawsuit.

As citizens of the United States we need to denounce this kind of vulgar speech which advocates a criminal act. Women are not to be demonized as mere objects. Women are human beings who deserve respect and must be treated equally regardless of whether the person is liberal or conservative. We must fight against these types of threats against women.

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