Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama's Narrow Use of the Word Terrorist

Since the killing of both the abortionist George Tiller and Private Long I have been contemplating how both the President and the MSM responded to each tragedy. I have also been assessing when and how President Obama used the terms terrorism and terrorist.

I find it very troubling that the President was so willing to use the words terrorist and terrorism after the abortionist George Tiller was murdered. But when Private Long was gunned down by a Muslim convert he didn't respond for two days. And Obama does not refer to this Muslim as a terrorist who killed his enemy, who was a member of the United States military. He used the term Terrorist so loosely and immediately following the shooting of George Tiller. The MSM were so biased in their reporting of the George Tiller murder that they devoted five times the coverage to the murder of Tiller than to the murder of Private Long.

He seemed to blame the pro-life movement when Scott Roeder was a lone wolf who reacted solely on his own without the support of anyone in the pro-life movement.Pro-Life groups across the U.S. have denounced George Tiller's murder. Tiller performed the most extreme and heinous legal acts allowed in the U.S. The United States should be ashamed of allowing such a procedure to exist legally which is so Hitleresque. The U.S condemned Hitler and The Nazis for experimentation and extermination of the Jews who were not able to speak out and defend themselves. Yet Obama and pro-choicers are taking advantage of the most innocent precious life who cannot speak for themselves either. I do not think any killing is acceptable unless it is in war or in self-defense. The pro-life movement is not responsible for the murder of George Tiller.

Obama, when talking about the Muslim extremists during his overseas trip, did not mention the words terrorist or terrorism. I find it highly disturbing that Obama cannot speak the words terrorist or terrorism when referring to the extremists who killed 3000 Americans on September 11,2001. Instead Obama calls the terrorists jihadists like he is trying to sugarcoat exactly how violent and evil these terrorists really are. While overseas Obama referred to terrorists as jihadists and in my opinion it was for fear of offending Muslims in the Middle East.

Both the murders of Tiller and of Private Long were acts of terrorism. So was what happened on 9/11. But the fact that Obama can't use the word terrorism in reference to Muslims who used three planes for the destruction of buildings and the killing of 3000 American lives is unconscionable. Tiller was one person and Obama could think of that as terrorism and actually use the word but when referring to Muslim jihadists who killed 3000 times as many people as the person who killed Tiller he could not bring himself to use the word terrorist. This is appalling to me since there is quite a difference in the number of lives lost between September 11 and the George Tiller murder. Obama could not even refer to the incident of the Muslim who killed Private Long as an act of terrorism.

This week I found out that George Tiller's abortuary is remaining closed permanently. This is a happy ending for the pro-life movement. I am sure that it would have stayed open if they could have found an abortionist willing to perform third-trimester abortions. The abortions Tiller performed were not necessary at all. If it was because the life of the mother was in danger the women would not had to seek out Tiller to have a third trimester abortion and the closest hospital to the patient would have performed the abortion in order to save the mother's life. These controversial third trimester abortions Tiller performed were egregious and horrifying. It is a blessing from God that Tiller's abortion clinic is closed permanently.

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