Thursday, August 26, 2010

Celebrating Blessed Mother Teresa's Centenary

Mother Teresa's 100th Birthday Marked
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Mother Teresa's centenary
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I have posted more on Mother Teresa's Centenary here.

Happy 100th Birthday, Blessed Mother Teresa!!


LL said...

She did so much for so many in need without asking a single thing for herself.

Opus #6 said...

I love Mother Teresa. And with the revelations about her struggle with her faith makes me love her even more. She was as human as the rest of us, yet she kept going on, doing good works. In all of our darkest hours, we should remember her example.

Amusing Bunni said...

She is such a Saint. A more kind and selfless person you could never meet.
She is celebrating with the Angels in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

She was truly a giant in our time. Her life was the Sermon on the Mount put into action.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


Thanks for the post. She has her just rewards now being in Heaven.

I will never forget the day she left this earth, shattering news but knowing her destination softened the blow.

Not to confuse the two, but what a tradgic week it was with Princess Di but days before Mother.

I work with two Indians (India), one Hindu and the other Christian and both hold Mother in the highest esteem equally and that feeling is shared throughout their native country and extened communities throughout the world.

The Seaman's said...

thank you for sharing this! she was amazing! Her story and deeds will live forever.


Chicago Ray said...

Nice of you to note this fine namesake woman's bithdate Teresa. :)

However, it's a shame what New York did over this denying a Empire state memorial for the night

I'm ashamed they celebrate Gays and China but not Mother Teresa. A real live 'lover of human beings' who was probably one of the only true 'Saints' we'll ever see for sure in this lifetime aside from Pope John Paul II.

GO New York Woo Wee, next thing ya know they'll be ok'ing Mosques on Ground Zero..not lol

cube said...

That the Empire State building refused to light up with blue and white in Mother Teresa's honor was a big disappointment to me.

They can honor the ChiComs, but not a woman who spent her entire life helping the world?

This is wrong on many levels.

What is going on in New York?

Teresa said...

Yes she did. She is a great role model for us all.

Teresa said...

Exactly. I second your sentiment.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,
I agree 1000%. She is a Saint and is celebrating with Jesus and the angels in heaven.

Teresa said...

You hit the nail on the head.

Teresa said...

That was indeed shattering news. And, yes, that was a tragic week. Did you know that Princess Di and Mother Teresa were good friends? And, that Princess Di was on the verge of converting to Catholicism? I think that they're celebrating "upstairs" in heaven together.

Teresa said...

"Her story and deeds will live forever."
Yes indeed, they will.

Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

Teresa said...

It is truly a shame that the Empire State building denied to light up in honor of Mother Teresa. What a bunch of anti-Christian bigotry. Plus, her mission and love of the poor transends across politics and nations.

She has always been one of my favorite nuns. Probably because of her name :)

We must stop the abominable mosque at ground zero!

Teresa said...

You are right. That is just so, so wrong on many levels.

Just a thought: This kinda shows that the Left hates charity and people who help the poor out of charity. IMO this proves that liberals only for forced charity or government forced redistribution of wealth.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Mother Teresa is a true saint and she was an inspiration to many.

May her memory remain eternal.

Always On Watch said...

Having served so well, she is resting now in the palm of our Lord's hand.

That the media did not give her due honor on her centenary is unconscionable.