Sunday, August 1, 2010



Nickie Goomba gives us a peak into why the iphone poses an invasion of privacy risk.

An Average Patriot Speaks Out relays the good news after a professor was fired for teaching Catholic beliefs in Catholic 101.

Allied Liberty News asks Immigration or Invasion?  

Barking Spider reveals that Obama's real name is "Barry Soetoro"

Biblical Evidence tells us of Ann Rice's deconversion.

Subvet shocks with the revelation of a illegals offering a $1million bounty on Sheriff Arpaio's head.

Bread Upon Waters gives us a flashback into history with U.S. Constitution Vs. Eric Holder.

Can We Keep Our Republic shows us Lt. Col. Allen West's thoughts on Tea Party racism.

Chicago Ray's Views and News gives us a look into the charges against Waters and Rangel the corruptocrats.

Conservative Perspective shows us Rove's analysis of Obama's declining poll numbers.

Conservative Scalawag gives us proof as to how illegals are hurting local economies.

Domine da mihi hanc aquam covers a wide array of topics in coffee mug browsing.

Feed Your ADHD gives us a look at Obama's first worthy bow.

Innominatus says thanks a lot Spain!

Rational Nation USA via LCR says Rick Sanchez is an idiot without a disguise.

Lone Star Parson gives us a look into Belloc and the modern attack.

Maggie's Notebook outlines Pelosi's economy killing CLEAR Act.

MAINFO gives reasons why we could use some separation of powers right now.

Minded Numbed Robot outlines 25 impeachable offenses.

My Thoughts On Freedom brings us the good news that LCR rings bell at the Daily Caller.

Nonsensible Shoes shows us a tale of two media realities.

Obama Cartoons: Conservative Political Commentary reveals democrats latest voter drive.

Orthometer shows us how to survive an alien attack.

Pedaling Fast tells us about a wonderful book of faith, courage, and love called The Hiding Place.

Randy's Roundtable reveals what looks like is going to be a winning record for Palin.

Self Evident Truths gives great insight into Judge Bolton's ruling.

STOP MARXISM posts how the regime looked at race of car dealer for closures.

The BLOG posted on Obama's mean streak.

The Born Again Americans shows support for Arizona.

The Conservative Lady reveals to us the many reasons why our constitution is on its way to the trash heap.

THE CURRENT tells us how the DNC is falsely smearing the tea party and GOP as being one and the same.

The Wisdom of Soloman gives us a view into some conservative porn.

Trestin Meacham posts on the word RINO and what it really means.

Woman Honor Thyself gives us information on Yemen being an Islamic hellhole.

Woodsterman gives us some insight into how libs fix cities.

Amusing Bunni reveals that Obama thinks Americans are "mongrels".

The Conservative Hideout reveals anti-semitism on the Left.


Opus #6 said...

T, thank you so much for the link. I know how much work these posts take. <3

Christopher said...

Thanks Tersesa for the link, all great blogs including yours with such an array of topics.

John Carey said...

Teresa, thank you for the link.

Randy-g said...

A great group to be affiliated with, quite humbled here. Thanks bunches!

commoncents said...

Nice group of links!!

I really like your blog - keep up the great work!!

common cents

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thank you again Lovely Lady. At this time every month I wonder if the old Woody Boy will post something fit for this "Eagle Freedom" you do. Then I remember, "Teresa is as Goofy as the Old Woodsterman" ... silly girl.

Net Lease said...

These Links are awesome! Great job putting that together. I try to get to your Blog daily. Thanks for all you do for America!

Stop Marxism said...

Teresa, Thank you so much for the Link to Stop Marxism! I am thrilled to be surrounded by great Sites as well as to be on your awesome Blog.
No lip service here, as this is the truth, you are a great American!

Teresa said...

Thanks so much everyone. It is my pleasure to put together the links. I only wish that I had more time to put the links together more often but with working now life is kinda busy.

God Bless!