Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Rant on the Ground Zero Mosque

Newt Gingrich is spot on!! We are asked or told to bend over backwards for Muslims and Islam, which is a so-called religion, and yet they won’t respect a majority of the 9/11 families' wishes to stop the building of this mosque, along with a majority of the citizens of the United States who are against this mosque being built so close to Ground Zero  -- 2 blocks from Ground Zero -- where Islamic extremists murdered close to 3000 innocents. If these Muslims really wanted to build bridges and truly respected people of other faiths then they would offer to build the mosque at a different location, further away from Ground Zero or just abandon the building of the mosque altogether. This is pouring salt on the wounds of the 9/11 victims’ families.  This is totally making my blood boil and has me crying inside for both the 9/11 families and our country. This is going to cause many families mental anguish. These Muslims are claiming that they are building this mosque so that they may build bridges with citizens of other faiths but by forcing this mosque down our throats and having this mosque built so, so, so close to Ground Zero they are doing the exact opposite -- breaking bridges and causing tensions to mount.  If these Muslims really respected American citizens they would follow Pope John Paul II's example of how he strove to build bridges in Auschwitz and across Europe.  While I disagree with the notion that there is a similarity between Carmelite nuns and Muslims or Islamic extremists since I don't think any Carmelite nuns murdered innocents, I do think that there is an apt comparison between the Ground Zero Mosque and the abandoned building which was used as a convent in Auschwitz. The Muslims who want this mosque to be built need to reveal all sources of funding and prove that they are getting absolutely NO funding from any terrorist organization.  Then, in my book, it would also be a must for them to change their date that they have planned for opening the mosque, from September 11 to any other day of the year. Just because these Muslims may have a "right" ( which I don't think they do, since they would be building this mosque in a war zone) to build a mosque in this particular location doesn't mean that it is necessarily the right thing to do.  It is simply not right for a mosque to be built so close to Ground Zero.


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa: This makes me very upset too.

Why do WE have to always accommodate them.
They are killers and insane terrorists. I'm glad Newt and others are speaking out about this. I think it will be pushed through, unfortunately.

Another slap in the face to America. God help us.

Chicago Ray said...

Hi Teresa: This makes me very upset too.

That's three of us. If they wanted peace and love they'd withdraw this thing. Someone made a good point I heard tonight, that the construction people won't do it if it gets that far.

Obama the divider.If he cared he would say something, pretty quiet so far.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Teresa, "radical Islam" could be stated as "Islam" and mean exactly the same thing. Now everyone knows EXACTLY how I feel ... OOPS.

Pedaling said...

sometimes I feel so helpless.

The_Kid said...

Teresa, It is going to get worse before it gets better.

John Carey said...

Teresa you go ahead and rant! This is simply outrageous. Have we not learned the lessons of Europe.

Leticia said...

I have been pretty angry over this as well.

They are just bullying their way in and our own government is allowing it to happen.

Obama supports Islam, so there is no way he is going to take the side of the Americans. No way.

Quite Rightly said...

As Thomas More pointed out, "Silence betokens consent."

I don't need any more messages from the Muslim world, inside or outside America.

Opus #6 said...

All I needed to learn about Islam I learned on 9/11.

Liberty said...

I kind of agree. I do think it is a bit insensitive of Cordoba to build this so close, especially when they've seen the reaction. However, there are some facts that cannot be disputed. They bought the property, hence they have the right to do whatever they want with it- property rights. They have a religion, and are free to practice it- freedom of religion. They have a right to worship together- freedom of association.

However, I do think one thing needs to be remembered- Cordoba and Imam Rauf did not kill those 3,000. Nor do I think New York could be called a "war zone", since people have repeatedly told me 9/11 was not an act of war, but rather of terror, since we can't count those 3,000 as just "fortunes of war." Yeah. So maybe could call New York a..."terror zone"? Meh, I dunno. The point is that the guys who killed those 3,000 are dead. It's useless to whine about them now. It's over. Can't cry over spilled milk. Yes, what happened was terrible. I condone with the families who lost loved ones- both Muslim and American, because I'm sure the families of those 19 men miss them just as much.

But we also can't forget what has risen out of this. It's killed hundreds of thousands of civilians all over the world. It's divided Americans even more starkly along lines of left and right. It's made Americans so gun-shy they freak over the slightest evidence of a possible terror attack- while the rest of the world laughs at our naivete that we are the only country that has ever been attacked by a terrorist. We lambast a whole race of people for the actions of 19 men. 19 men attacked us. There are roughly 1.5 billion Muslims on the globe, and the number is rising. You do the math. 19 is such a tiny percentage, I'm pretty sure you'd have to put it in decimals. Even if you put in the couple hundred estimated insurgents involved in al Qaeda, the Taliban, and like groups (and that membership is growing too...I wonder why?), you've still got a small, small percentage. That's like saying that, out of the couple billion Christians in the globe, all of them should be treated with as much disdain as we all treat Westboro Baptist Church. That doesn't make sense, and nor does ostracizing and behaving with such venom towards an entire sect of people.

Wow, I kind of got carried away on this, but to summarize- yes, I feel for the families of the 9/11 victims. I do think Cordoba should look into moving this community center/mosque somewhere else. But in the meantime- Constitutionally, they can do whatever they want with the property. And I think, that if this does begin to happen, and happens, we should let it be. Move past it. We're all adults. Osama bin Laden would love nothing more than for us all to jump on Muslims and demand they shut down their mosques. Do you know how much of a PR field-day that would be for him? His recruiting levels would go up immediately! The evil Americans, denying what they profess to believe in, and repressing the poor, beleagured Muslims. Yes, we may look at that and think that he's misrepresenting the situation...but we know about the media, and we know that's exactly what bin Laden and his ilk will say.

Let's not give him the satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Liberty I your points are very valid until you actually study the history of Islam, and understand it is not a religion like other religions are. It is more of a political system. We need to face the reality that we are at war with Islam. Islam has already excepted declared war on everyone else. Why do you think there are no Christian churches in Saudi-Arabia? There used to be.

Would we put up with Neo-Nazi's building next to Arlington Cemetery?

Liberty said...

Trestin- Islam may be a political system, but Christianity also has political overtones. Every religion does, be it Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or athiesm. They all have political tenets contained within them. That's a given. And there's nothing wrong with that. The great thing about America is that it is a representative republic. That means that the Christians can have a voice, and the Constitutionalists can have a voice, and the liberals can have a voice, and the Muslims can have a voice. We can all be represented. That way, everyone can live together in peace.

That's what our nation was founded as. Somehow though, some sects of the population (Christians come to mind here) have gotten into the habit of thinking it's their nation, and theirs only. Other belief systems need not apply. And that's sad, and it doesn't help keep us closer to the Constitution.

On Saudi Arabia- are you suggesting we should act like Saudi Arabia? Okay. You now have to go pray five times a day, I cannot be seen by any man outside my home and family, I can't drive, I can't hold a job, furthermore any alternate belief systems from one are outlawed. Mm-hmm.

Another thing about America- her diversity is her strength. We are unlike every other nation in the world in at least a couple ways, and that's a good thing. We shouldn't look at Saudi Arabia or other nations and say- "Oh well look, they do this this way, so we should do that way too because ______." Why would we do that? It's silly, pointless, and will only lead us into a bigger mess.

innominatus said...

>>>Islam may be a political system, but Christianity also has political overtones

Liberty, I invite you to try to cite some scripture here. Don't think you'll find much. In fact, Jesus was all about "Render unto Caesar..." and such, rather than asserting political authority.
What this mosque really is, is a provocation. I think they're hoping that some traumatized Iraq/Afghanistan vet will McVeigh this mosque so the poor, poor, misunderstood followers of the religion of peace can demand even more concessions.

Liberty said...

innominatus- I would suggest the book "Jesus for President" by Claiborne and Haw. Quite a good book, and while I don't completely agree with them theologically, they have an interesting take on the political tones of the Bible. (They don't, however, advocate moral legislation if you were wondering. ;) )