Friday, August 20, 2010

Dismantling America

Thomas Sowell on Shredding the Constitution and thus dismantling America:
"We the people" are the familiar opening words of the Constitution of the United States-- the framework for a self-governing people, free from the arbitrary edicts of rulers. It was the blueprint for America, and the success of America made that blueprint something that other nations sought to follow.

At the time when it was written, however, the Constitution was a radical departure from the autocratic governments of the 18th century. Since it was something so new and different, the reasons for the Constitution's provisions were spelled out in "The Federalist," a book written by three of the writers of the Constitution, as a sort of instruction guide to a new product.

The Constitution was not only a challenge to the despotic governments of its time, it has been a continuing challenge-- to this day-- to all those who think that ordinary people should be ruled by their betters, whether an elite of blood, or of books or of whatever else gives people a puffed-up sense of importance.

While the kings of old have faded into the mists of history, the principle of the divine rights of kings to impose whatever they wish on the masses lives on today in the rampaging presumptions of those who consider themselves anointed to impose their notions on others.  CONTINUED


Opus #6 said...

We brash Americans are a thorn in the side of the world's tyrants.

John Carey said...

Great find Teresa. There have always been forces since the days of the revolution that have wanted undermine the system of government our founders crafted. Their efforts have only accelerated in the last 80 years.