Sunday, August 29, 2010

Liberals and Muslims Paths Converge

I have been thinking about how much both liberals and Muslims have been working together lately.  Both of their paths seem to converge and now they are working in concert to impose intolerance on other religions such as traditional Christianity and the Jewish faith or those religious peoples' that do not follow the religion of Islam. I mean before this Ground Zero Mosque debate, when have you ever heard or seen liberals defending any person's right to religion?  Liberals are usually attacking Christianity and shouting "separation of Church and State" from the rooftops, pushing the secularization of America to the enth degree, but for some reason now they are defending the Muslims and the religion of Islam when that particular religion was either perverted or correctly applied when 19 Muslims murdered 3000 innocents on September 11, 2001 only a stone's throw away from Ground Zero.  But, separation of Church and State means absolutely nothing to liberals in this intance.

Liberals want to "transform" America and destroy all that America is from within, while Muslims want to destroy the West, especially America, from the outside and create a Caliphate.  Both liberals and Muslims want to destroy America and make it their own -albeit in different ways- but they are committed to working together to destroy America. And, that is where their paths converge, to destroy America by working together to dismantle any trace amounts of America being a Judeo-Christian nation, and our Republic.    

Just recently I found an article written by Michael Youssef that exposes a writer on an Arab website who proceeded to explain to her Arabic readers about the Unitarian Church and many “other Christian denominations,” referring mainly to mainline denominations, and why Muslims should be supportive of them.

She said they are not like those “traditional Christians” who believe in the divinity of Christ. They, like us “Muslims,” believe that Jesus was just a good prophet: ‘To be sure, they do not believe in Mohammad as the true prophet of Allah, but we can get along with them.”

Then, Michael Youssef points out, yet, one more reason why both Muslims and liberals, or Muslims, Unitarians and the liberal mainline denominations are working together -- they all reject Biblical truth.

We must stop both liberals and Muslims
from destroying America!!!


Liberty said...

I do see hypocrisy on the liberal side in a way- some of them are not religious, and are just jumping into this because the Republicans are against it. I think that's stupid. They're inadvertently helping the media distract people from what's really going on- that is, an economy that is steadily getting worse, two failing wars, etc. etc.

But I also see a bit of hypocrisy on the conservative side. I saw a page on Facebook against the Park51 Community Center that basically said "we support freedom of religion....unless you follow Islam". That is also a wrong attitude to take.

Personally, I think we all need to take a step back from this whole thing, take a deep breath, and think about what's really important. The Federal Reserve is steadily ruining our money supply via inflation. That's a major problem. A community center that caters specifically to Muslims is being built. Meh, not such a big deal. Our freedoms are being taken away ever more by bills like Lieberman's Terrorist Expatriation Act. That's very important.

My point is- let's put everything into perspective and deal with the big things first. :))

John Carey said...

Interesting post Teresa. I agree that both liberals and Muslims have the same goal in mind and that goal is to fundamentally transform the United States. The blueprint for the transformation can be found in Europe. The Muslim culture is in direct conflict with European culture and they're well on their way in transforming Europe. Many Europeans are now realizing they have a problem and their not sure how to stop the steamrolling of their culture.

This will eventually lead to conflict and the total unraveling of Europe. There is a lesson to be learned here and we had better do our homework.

Thanks for the post.

Opus #6 said...

Liberals hate religion. Unless that so-called religion happens to be anti-American. Then the temptation to advocate the religion is irresistible.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

The ignorance of the left about islam is astounding really.

Everything the left support's to and including their idea of free speech is banned if not bringing death in Sharia Law which govern's islam from the government's right down to personal lives.

The entire thought prosess's and agenda's run completely counter to one another.

Talk about sleeping with the enemy!

Chicago Ray said...

Yes Maam Teresa, they are entirely on the same page and much of their 'destroy America handbook' and their agenda's come from the same ideals.

I should say misguided ideals in most cases, in both 'orbits'. ;)

Their biggest common qualities, Bush-Derangment Syndrome and their hate for Christians and Jews.

Tony said...

Does one have to believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ to be a "True American"?

Whatever happened to the respect for the rule of law? (Written and passed by a Republican Congress to preotect mega-churches-- talk about shooting yourself in the foot.)

Teresa said...

"(Written and passed by a Republican Congress to preotect mega-churches-- talk about shooting yourself in the foot.)"

Not really. As long as there is a reasonable effort to accommodate Muslims religious rights and they are not impeded from freedom of worship or expression of freedom of religion then there is no problem with saying no to this particular mosque being built. There is already a mosque 5 blocks (and over 100 in NYC) away from where the GZ mosque is to be built, so Muslims having an additional mosque is not essential to ensure their freedom to worship in a mosque. If there were no mosques in NYC then you would have a point. But, that isn't the case. Plus, zoning laws and common sense could have easily avoided this chaos. The Burlington building had part of a plane on 9/11 land in it so the zoning board could have and should have declared that building a historical site to avoid the ultra-insensitivity this displays towards 9/11 victims families.

Tony said...

Well, Teresa, that's your opinion, but I will respectfully disagree. Furthermore, the New York city attorney also disagrees, which is why they chose not to fight the issue.

The GOP, in their infinite wisdom and their undying goal of allowing churches everywhere, unwittingly sealed the legal battle for this Islamic Center.

You do realize this is all the usual August BS that is thrown out before elections, right? In previous election cycles it has been gays, birth certificates, death panels, ACORN, guns, swift-boats, and on and on. The shiny stone to divert your attention (and it works every dang time.)

Maggie Thornton said...

Very thought provoking post, Teresa. I also believe Liberals and Muslims are converging on the same path, but for different reasons.

To our "friends across the aisle" God and spreading good will among our neighbors is politically incorrect.

Islam is a religion, but it's government is as important as the religion. Islam fully intends to dominate the U.S. They do not deny it. We should not deny it.

Liberty said...

Tony- I agree with you. :) I'm getting pretty fed up of the whole Park51 debate. It's stupid, on both sides. I see potential for freedom infringement on both sides. I'm just sick of the whole thing. Stop arguing about it already. >.>

Teresa said...


You said -- "I'm just sick of the whole thing. Stop arguing about it already. >.>"

Why??? Are you against debate? Against free speech? This is an important issue and is worthy of such debate.

What if I said to you during the Bush years "stop all the bickering and let Bush do his job without all your interference into his taking care of our enemy head on?"

That would be wrong. I may disagree with your point of view and vise versa but it is good to discuss the issues at hand and not avoid them or have your head in the sand avoiding reality and the truth about a particular situation.

Teresa said...

"What if I said to you during the Bush years "stop all the bickering and let Bush do his job without all your interference into his taking care of our enemy head on?"

Amend this to say:

"What if I said to you during the Bush years "stop all the bickering and let Bush do his job without all your interference, discussion, and opposition to his taking care of our enemy head on?"

Tony said...

I won't put words in Liberty's mouth-- she's very capable of formulating her own argument-- but I will say that the debate seems to have deteriorated to the point at which:

1) We are cavalierly debating that's it's okay to infringe upon an entire class' 1st Amendment rights, despite very specific laws against this very case.

2) If all Muslims are the enemy, then we should start loading up the ICBM's now... we have about a billion people to kill. And we need to kill all of them because they'll wage asymmetric warfare forever even if just a few are left remaining.

3) 'The post says that liberals want to "transform" America...' as if liberals are one homogeneous group. There are plenty of very conservative people (Ted Olsen, Michael Bloomberg, among others) who believe our system of laws should be respected and the Islamic center should be respected.

4) You ask, "when have you seen liberals defending religion"... I would maintain that the USA defends religion to a fault from both left and right. RLUIPA passed by an overwhelming majority of both Dems and Reps, and was signed by a Dem president.

5) "..working to destroy America." Please. You're just being shrill, and it turns off even people inclined toward your point-of-view. I said the same for anti-Bush sentiment that accused him of trying to destroy America (my perception was that that sentiment was less under Bush than now under Obama; most of the anti-Bush crowd just thought he was a dimwit corrupted by neocons.) From the comments: "Liberals hate religion... and are anti-American". That comment is so outrageously inane that I have pity on that person's dark polluted misguided soul (if there is such a thing.) I would highly recommend you get out more and get to know your fellow countrymen and women. (I said the same to folks who demonized Bush).

6) Liberals I know respect others rights even to the point at which they fight for their right to say something anathema to America and freedom. The truth will win out in the end; if we are as great a country as we propose, we are better for allowing opposing viewpoints to have their say. This is basically de Tocqueville's argument (which Barton butchered in your previous post.)

7) Sorry I've gone on a rant, but I had never imagined such bile could be launched against our Constitution and the rights bestowed on religion. I'm not a religious person in the traditional sense, but I can read the Constitution and the laws.

8) Furthermore, such bile is frankly dangerous to our republic. As de Tocqueville said, our strength as a society lies in our diversity. I work with Muslims (there are many here in Michigan); I don't get their religion, but they are dedicated professionals, business-people, neighbors, fathers and mothers. It's quite sickening to hear your prejudice. It really is. For the sake of our standing in the world, as leader of freedoms and human rights, we are better off appealing to religious moderates of all faiths... ie, the Islamic Center "at GZ."

9) The whole Biblical truth argument is demented. If the founders wanted a nation built on Biblical truth, wouldn't they have said so in the Constitution? Calling themselves Deists was a polite way of saying that they did not believe in revealed religion; they did not see Jesus as God; they did not believe in the Resurrection, and on and on. The Jefferson Bible was TJ's way of saying, "Okay, the Gospels have a lot of crystallized wisdom, but there's also a lot of BS, too."

(Feel free to boot me from the site, you're probably getting tired of my rants by now. Honestly I never thought I could disagree more with a blog before.)

Liberty said...

The political debate in America at this moment is aking to "straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel" as Jesus so elegantly put it. We're worrying about little things like a community center being built, while bigger things like the further erosion of our liberties (Terrorist Expatriation Act, anyone?) and the collapse of our economy is imminent. Things have to be put into perspective, and I think that's something that's lacking in the political world right now. The news media is very succesfully distracting us all from what's really going on, and we're playing right along.