Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alabama Judge Gives Criminals Choice: Jail Or Church?

An Alabama judge is giving non-violent, misdemeanor offenders a choice, go to jail or go to Church.  

From NBC Miami:

A small-town judge in Alabama is giving non-violent offenders a choice at sentencing: go to jail or go to church.
Under a program dubbed "Operation Restore Our Community," the city judge in Bay Minette lets misdemeanor offenders serve time and pay a fine or go to church every Sunday for a year, according to
If offenders choose church, they can pick the place of worship as long as they check in weekly with the pastor and police. After a year of Sundays in the pew, the offender's case will be dismissed.
Bay Minette Police Chief Mike Rowland says the program could change the lives of people heading down the wrong path. So far, 56 churches are participating. Rowland said the program is Constitutional because offenders get to choose between jail and church.
I think this is a good idea. I do think this is Constitutional since the criminals have a choice of a number of churches that they can attend or they can decide to go to jail. Plus, if you don't want to do the time then don't do the crime. Hopefully the criminals who choose to attend a church will take advantage of the opportunity to develop a relationship with God and to change their lives for the better. 


The Conservative Lady said...

Not to mention it saves the community a lot of money if they don't have to for the criminal's jail time.

Doom said...

At first I was against the notion. But with more details, I could abide the deal (save for muslim attendance, and a few others). I think it might actually have a better success rate at real rehabilitation. A real nip in the bud. Christians can be a good lot to throw in with, and can help, if asked, when times are tough.

As for the savings, it would depend on the fines. Though, maybe even then. I doubt if most jails are as frugal as Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who probably, with the right fines, doesn't lose, or lose too much, money per dingbat.

Ron Russell said...

This sounds like a great program. Other communities should adopt. However, can you see this happening in Frisco! During the war in Vietnam some offenders were given the choice of enlisting or going to jail. I personally know several of these guys and the service turned their lives around.

WomanHonorThyself said...

love it ! the IzlamoNazis freak out !!

The Watcher said...

I saw this late last week, and saw the reactions from the 'church-and-state' crowd and thought to ask them, 'What, you PREFER those folks to have one option - jail?' Then I imagined their response - 'Of COURSE not; it's not their fault they committed a criminal act, they should just be freed!!!'

And then I imagined smacking them in the head with a clue-bat.

Anonymous said...

So are you okay if someone chooses to go to a synagogue? How about a mosque? An ashram?

If not, how can any intellectually honest person support this and claim to value the Constitution?

I'll leave an option for Atheists as an exercise for the reader.