Saturday, September 3, 2011

This is Great! - 'The Tea Party is not Racist'

H/T TheSharkTank1


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

This man, a real American man is a real Blessing from God.

He may not know it as it is said God works in mysterious ways but this is the way I view it.

What this man speaks of is the truth, all of it, and if those of his "community" open their ears, hearts and minds (check out real history/get informed) they will come to know this.

I am so proud to be affiliated with people such as this gentleman as it takes real guts and fortitude to take on racists in the DNC, MSM and most likely his own family and neighborhood to do so.

God Bless him!

No Tyrants said...

Just disagree with the Left and their disastrous polices and the Liberals will demonize you with labels like racist. What will they do when they turn the USA into a third world Country an they can’t get their cupcakes and starbucks and land rovers (You notice how Libs drive big SUVs to protect them yet they want us to drive Death Traps?)

Opus #6 said...

Awesome vid, T! That guy was great. He speaks truth to power.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a find Teres!! .Back from vacay and website all fixed!..xxooo

Soloman said...

Sadly the Republican Party is as corrupt as everything else in the District of Criminals. However, since it is the closest thing we (conservatives and libertarians) have to representation in national politics, I tend to vote along the "party line" and support Republicans on the ticket.

That aside, everything else this man said is 100% true. What a shame some will not listen and free themselves from the entrapment of the Democrat liberal lies.

Leticia said...

I just wanted to hug and thank that man! I get tired of defending myself as to why I am a member of the Tea Party and Hellooooo??? I am of Hispanic decent, therefore, I am not a racist.

The Tea Party is NOT about being Republican nor Democrat. We are a mixture of both parties, as well, as independents and libertarians, etc.

It is about holding our government fiscally responsible. There is a lot more to it than that, but I just don't want to take up space here.

God bless that man! We need more to speak out.

It was NEVER about race, that was started by Obama and his liberal followers.

MK said...

I wish liberal morons would get it right, one minute they're just astro turf, a bunch of nobodys. Next they're racists, next they're terrorists who are so powerful they can easily thwart the great barack hussein obongo.

If we use leftard logic that the Tea party is full of racists, then using their own logic, the democrat party is full of nazis.