Thursday, September 8, 2011

Open Thread: Obama's "Jobs Speech" - From Shovel Ready To Pitchfork Ready

You know how the Obama Stimulus was supposed to be shovel ready tonight Obama's "Jobs Speech" is going to be pitchfork ready.  He is going to be shoveling us a load of horse manure in his speech.  Obama is most likely going to be proposing the same ol' same ol' failed "Stimulus" spending plan.  His speech is going to be a political partisanship circus act.  I wonder how many people are actually going to listen to his speech? What are your thoughts on Obama's upcoming "Jobs Speech"? 

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Amusing Bunni said...

He could revive jobs in the manure industry w/all the sh*t he'll be shoveling tonight, Teresa.

He's such a clue less moron. One of his invited guests is the GE CEO he made head of the job creation division, or whatever he calls know the guy that just shipped thousands of our jobs TO CHINA!
The nerve, guess he didn't clarify that it was USA jobs he was supposed to create.

I won't torture myself by watching, I'll read about it later and have my laughs then.