Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paul Ryan Explains How To Fix Tax Code

I agree with Paul Ryan's ideas on how to fix our tax code. If we fix the tax code this would also help to boost our economy.


cube said...

Obama voters are more fixated upon breaking the tax code or not paying taxes at all. Fixing the tax code isn't one of their priorities.

John Galt said...

Paul Ryan is absolutely right about taxes.

The effective real tax rate of high productive Americans can be as high as 46-50% depending on the state and county where one lives, plus the type of assets one holds.

The corporate tax rate is the highest in the world (together with Japan). That is not even considering regulations, which is a form of taxation cost.

There are no jobs because we are simply not competitive in a global economy due to high taxation.

John Carey said...

I like Ryan's plan. He's a wiz at this stuff and when Obama loses next November the new administration would be wise to appoint him to a post where he can effect change.

Pedaling said...

is there anything we don't agree with on, concerning paul ryan?