Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tucker Carlson PWNS Greta Van Susteren; Greta Is Dumberer

Tucker Carlson's site The Daily Caller reported the vile, disgusting smut that Mike Tyson said about Sarah Palin.  There are clearly quotations and denotations that show Mike Tyson is the purveyor of such filth. NOT Tucker Carlson and NOT Jeff Poor who was the editor of the article.  Greta is suggesting that the MSM as a whole should ignore these smut-filled comments which were directed at Sarah Palin by Mike Tyson. Somehow I doubt that if this piece of journalism was about Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton she would want this silenced.  Neither Tucker or Jeff endorsed this type of speech.  They are exposing the vulgar remarks which were made by Mike Tyson.  Greta is sooo dumb.  How can she not recognize this article as a piece of journalism?  Did she even read the story? The Daily Caller is spot on to expose this noxious garbage. .


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I was, until now that is, unaware of this.

Linking to and reading the story I have to back Carlson 100% and that is without reading the editors note.

Greta seems to have an agenda other than Palin, Tyson or womens reputations in general.

Eric Graff said...

This guy is genuinely selfish pervert whose smut filter allows us all to see how pluralistic and juvenile the world of journalism has become. Both he and Mike Tyson are human garbage.

Teresa said...


I have to disagree with you here. He was simply reporting events or the facts and exposing a vile, sick pig.

Teresa said...


In my opinion he didn't need the editor's note. Greta sure did go bonkers.

MK said...

I didn't know that tyson said that about Palin, i've seen him lingering around some of the shows lately, i guess now i know why he's welcomed into the liberal world, because he's a sexist sack of crap. What a vile pig he's turned out to be.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a fan of Tucker.

John Galt said...

Teresa, this is concerning your comment about centrists and independent voters at PR.

I'm with you in that "don’t buy the claim that most voters saw Obama as non-establishment in 2008. He misrepresented himself as a centrist when in reality he is one of the most liberal politicians in American history".

Virginia Car Insurance said...

A disgusting Man needs to be exposed. We must remember Tyson is a role model to many kids so he should be exposed for abusing Women verbally or physically.
If Mrs. Palin were of a different background, would the Media and Women Groups allow of the attacks on her?
Your Blog is a great help.