Monday, September 5, 2011

The Rockefeller Foundation: Undermining Traditional Values, American Sovereignty, and Catholicism

This is not only a video on the Rockefellers attack on the Catholic Church but is an historical timeline which shows the Rockefellers' - The Rockefeller Foundation - coordinated attack on the United States in order to ring in their progressive agenda and undermine America's Christian roots and morality. This is the reason the laity in the Catholic Church are so divided today - Faithful Catholics versus dissenting so-called Catholics.

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republicanmother said...

Oh boy is this a great video!

I believe fully that the Rockefeller family has a dark spirit(s) guiding it. Just look at their family church, Riverside Baptist, NYC. From its website, it looks like where the Devil would worship. The Rockefellers also go to Bohemian Grove to do who knows what.

Those looking for more info, check out the online book, The Rockefeller Files by Gary Allen, which goes into details about their doings.

It's also interesting to go to the New York Times archives and find clippings on the Rockefellers up to their one-worlding business back around 1900.

Teresa said...

Thanks for passing along all this great info, Republicanmother. I will be checking out the Riverside Baptist website and the archives of the New York Times.

Thank you for your comment. Have a great week!

John Galt said...

The Rockefeller Foundation has long been known as a leftist liberal organization.

The good thing is that nobody pays any attention to them.