Sunday, October 9, 2011

Eagle Freedom Links - Halloween Scary Movies Edition - October 9, 2011

                                                 EAGLE FREEDOM LINKS 

American Perspective - Social Justice Versus Charity, What Does God Want?

America's Watchtower - Gunrunner: Eric Holder Digs in His Heels 

Amusing Bunni's Musings - This is a Very Special Month! 

ARRA News Service - Congressman Asks Holder To Resign Amid New Fast and Furious Details 

Atlas Shrugs - Obama Admin Offers Condolences to Khan Family for Killing Al-Qaeda Traitor Samir Khan 

_It Don't Make Sense_ - Not The Sharpest Pencil In The Pack 

A Catholic View - Notre Dame Prez To Obama On Contraception Mandate: What Happened To The 'Sensible Approach'? 

A Conservative Teacher - Mitt Will Be Hammered By Ghosts Of Races Past 

A Patriotic Rottweiler - Agenda 21 For Dummies 

A Pissed Off Irishman - Michelle's Staged Photo Op at Target 

A Western Heart - 'Pure Racism' : Signs Depicting Obama as Crying Baby in Diaper has Neighbors, Councilwoman Upset 

Abigail and Dolley - Dating The Candidates 

Acts Of The Apostasy - What Would the Saints Drive? 

Adrienne's Corner - The Story of Adlai Grace 

Allied Liberty News - BHO's Cop Killer Connections! (More than you knew!)

Always On Watch - Limits On Use Of Private Property? 

Anonymous Political Scientist - Looking for New Places to Answer Questions? Check Out Conservative Political Forum 

Barking Spider - New Facebook: Barack Obama is Spying on You

Barracuda Brigade 2012 - Video: 11 Year Old Benched for Scoring TOO MANY Touchdown!!!

BBCW - Petition @ White To Remove IB from Our Public Schools 

Beer, Bicycles, and VRWC - College and Debt 

Beers with Demo - Great Moments in the history of Statism 

Biblical Conservatism - Rick Perry "Racist" Hunting Camp is a Grasp at Straws by the Left 

Black or White Is A Choice - Yep, It's Lot's Cheaper than Drones 

Blog de King Shamus - Sarah Palin Bows Out of the 2012 Presidential Race 

Blowing San #1 - "Your Religious Beliefs Be Damned!" 

Bluegrass Pundit - New Islam Book: Islam Supports Killing All Those Infidel Women and Children 

Bread Upon the Waters - How Many Nobel Laureates Did It Take To Give Solyndra $1/2 Billion?

Can We Keep Our Republic? - Operation Fast and Furious - How High Does It Go? 

Catholic Moms For Santorum - Exclusive Interview With Karen Santorum

Catholic Once Again - Catholic Flash Fiction  

Commentarama - DOJ: "Cartels Control Border Access" 

Common Cents - Yet More Liberal Racism and Hatred: GOP Black Candidate Called "N*gger and Uncle Tom" 

Conservative Perspective - 2011 Iran Defense Week (Don't Ask and Definitely Don't Tell,,,Too Late) - Wide Open Thread 

Conservative Hideout - Herman Cain Educates Clinton on Economics in 1994 HC Townhall Forum 

Creative Minority Report - Bishops: Abortion Should Guide Election 

Deacon For Life - Botched Abortion Crisis Deepens 

DeanO - Heartwarming Nick Vujicic Music Video - 'Something More' 

Domine, da mihi hanc aquam! - Coffee Bowl Browsing 

Don't Tread On Us - Podcast Episode 1 

Down Under On The Right Side - The Problem With Leftards 

DRScoundrels - USDA and Government To Determine What Americans Can Eat! 

Economy Politics - Challenger Job Cuts Triple as US Army and Bank of America Lay off en masse 

Eye Of Polyphemus - Steve Jobs (1955-2011) 

Faith Of The Fathers - ZENIT- Anti-Christian Censorship and New Media 

Feed Your ADHD - The List of Demands for the Unwashed Goons of Occupy Wall Street 

Fuzzy Logic - Obama's Disastrous Presidency By The Numbers 

Generational Dysfunction - Hitler Discovers AttackWatch is a Joke! 

Hack Wilson - Ray Comfort's 180: A Perfect Argument Against Abortion - Tea Party Won't Back Brown in 2012 

Hyphenated-American - Two Articles, A Few Days Apart...

Innominatus - The Funniest Thing You Ever Saw

Jo-Joe Politico - The Bully Pulpit 

Just a Conservative Girl - Herman Cain on Fox News Sunday 

LandShark 5150 - "Truth Is Treason in the Empire of Lies" 

Laughing Conservative - Fascists 1, Ketchup 0 

Left Coast Rebel - The Latest From Our Narcissist-in-Chief 

Let The Truth Be Known - Part F_ How Did America Sink So Low:

Legal Insurrection - Herman Cain Occupies #OccupyWallStreet 

Libertarian Republican - Burka-clad Muslim Woman Refuses to Respect U.S. Law and Courtroom Decorum 

Logan's Warning - Muslim Parade ~ Muslim Girls Sing, "For You (Allah) I Give My Life" 

Lone Star Parson - Your Money or Your Life! 

Lonely Is the Nights - Jax's First Gun 

Maggie's Notebook - Bruce Bellott: We Ain't Goin' Away Video: New 'We The People' Song 

Mind Numbed Robot - Radical Islam Infiltrates Federal Government 

Motivation Truth - SarahPAC Video: Restoring America Together 

My Daily Trek - Morgan Freeman: Tea Party Is Racist, They're Out To Get Obama 

Nonsensible Shoes - Keeping a Watchful Eye on Those Occupy Wall Street Efforts 

NoOneOfAnyImport - On Rockgate and Writing Candidates Off 

Obama Cartoons - List Your Blog and Make Obama a One Term President 

Pathetically Incorrect - Mr. Obama... Save Our Country...Resign Now!

Pedaling Fast & Trying To Keep Up - The Last of Warm Weather 

Political Realities - The Debate Over Debit Card Fees 

Proof Positive - Steve Jobs - R.I.P. 

Pundit & Pundette - Free Contraceptives and Morning-after Pills for All? "Darn Tootin'!" 

QUICKWIT - Can You Hear Me Now???????

Randy's Roundtable - Friday Funnies (Afternoon Edition) 

Rational Nation USA - Understanding "Occupy Wall Street"... An Independent Conservative's Perspective 

Reaganite Republican - Get Past the MSM's Bright Candy Coating and You'll Gag on the Stench of Marxism...

Robbing America - America New One-Year Plans 

Saber Point - Steve Jobs, On Living Life To The Fullest 

Sancte Pater - Rick Santorum: Imagine this Family in the White House 

Say Anything Blog - Al Sharpton Doesn't Know That Republicans, Not Democrats Passed The Civil Rights Act 

Standing On My Head - Individualism and Institutions 

Sentry Journal - When Will Traditional Democrats Wake Up and Realize Their Party has Changed? 

Matt of Conservative Hideout at Sentry Journal - Some Thoughts on the "Occupy Wall Street" Protests 

STOP MARXISM - Message To Obama 

That Mr. G Guy's Blog - NY Protester Defecates On Police Car 

The Audacity Of Logic - Facing Execution for the 'Crime" of Being a Christian in Iran 

The Bitter Americans - Thursday Night Links 

The Blog - Charles Napier 1936-2011 

The Catholic Key Blog - Just the Facts - A Review of 'The Way' 

The Catholic Knight - ACTION ALERT - Call Up The Tea Party!!! 

The Conservative Lady - Newsmax Interviews Rick Perry Today - Much Better Performance Than Last Debate

The Country Thinker - At The End of the Tunnel - October 1, 2011 

The Daley Gator - *Videos* Ten Arizona Sheriffs Blast Obama Administration's Murderous Gun-Smuggling Operation 
The Empress Is Naked - Obama's Albatross 

The Hermeneutic of Continuity - Catholic blogging and blogging Catholics 

The Last Tradition - Herman Cain Says OWS Protesters are Picketing the Wrong Place - Try the White House 

The Libertarian Patriot - Come and Get Me Coppers - Federal Reserve To Monitor Social Media 

The Malcontent - Chris Christie Slams Obama During Speech at Reagan Library 

The Observatorium - Infiltration Of Government? 

The Oracular Opinion - Class Warfare - Here We Go Again 

The Other McCain - PAULBOT-MANIA: Ron Paul Supporters Buy Victory in 'Values Voters' Straw Poll

The Republican Mother - Lemon Trees are Now Against the Law 

The Right Guy - Palin Isn't In It

The Scottcarp Dream - Alinski Rules Return for Obama 

The Wisdom Of Soloman - Arizona Diamondbacks Honor Fallen Fan 

The Wyblog - Herman Cain to #OccupyWallStreet Bozos: Get Off Your Butts and Get a Job 

Theblogprof - Video: Maddow Gets It Wrong On GOP Debate Audiences 

TOTUS - Rick Perry's "Niggerhead" Place 

Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia - Natural Law 

Virtual Mirage - Perjury and Holder's Guns 

Warning Signs - Who are You Calling "Soft"? 

We The People... - Toon of the Day - Sad but True 

Western Hero - Got Bank Card Fees? Thank The Duban Tax!

What Does The Prayer Really Say? - MN Catholic Conference: Catholic Leaders Will Not Be Silenced 

Why I Am Catholic - For Pro-Life Thoughts Inspired By a Food Critic 

Wisdom Of Dave - Obama Committed To America's Decline 

Wolf Files - President Ron Burgandy? 

Woman Honor Thyself - Yom Kippur 

Woodsterman - Hi Jack! 

Zilla Of The Resistance - Grover Norquist's Islamic Supremacist Chicken Have Come Home To Roost 


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Hi Teresa and Thank you for the link! Great theme too!

To this day I cannot wath the Excorsist as it scares the bejabbers outta me!

I see you included the Omen (of which turned into at least one sequel) which I have always liked and watched and will continue to do so as it is loosely (Hollywood) based in Biblical terms.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa!
These are some scary movies! I really get creeped out by the shining!

Thanks for including me, you have SO MANY great links here. Have a great weekend, and don't get scared.

John Carey said...

Thank you so much link Teresa. It means a great deal to us to be included in such a great lineup. Have a great Sunday.

The Conservative Lady said...

Hi Teresa:
Thanks for the link. Have a nice rest of the weekend.

Leticia said...

Okay, I must admit that Jason never really scared me, Michael Myers, oh yeah! Freddie scared on the first one then I thought he was cool.

But, oh, why, oh why, did you choose Poltergeist!!! That clown still, to this day, scared the beejeebers out of me!! Oh the humanity!!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Thank you young lady.