Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pot Meets Kettle: Michael Voris Says Ya Gotta Be Kidding!

This is going to be a little controversial for those who aren't Catholic.  I just want to say that as a Catholic I respect others' beliefs and the beliefs of the various religions.  Regardless, Michael Voris makes an excellent point in this video.


Leticia said...

Okay, I can agree with most of what he said. But I must be honest and say I absolutely love Pastor Jeffress. He is the kind of pastor that doesn't care if he offends, and will speak the truth regardless. However, I believe he chose the wrong time to say what he said.

Teresa said...


I am not sure whether Pastor Jeffress is correct or not since I am unfamiliar with Mormonism.

Adrienne said...

Pastor Jeffress is technically correct, although I would not use the word cult because it is easily misunderstood. However, he picked the wrong place to say it and it was offensive and rather stupid sounding.

Also, last September on his show he likened the Catholic Church to Satan, and called it a “fake religion.”

So, Leticia, what part of that statement is the "truth?"

We all must be very careful to fully vet what we read and listen to. You seem like a extraordinarily nice person and very good Christian (and pretty, too.) My advice to everyone (myself included) is "trust but verify."

From Powerwall:

William Donohue, the head of the Catholic League, called on presidential candidate Rick Perry on Wednesday to “have a full break” with Pastor Robert Jeffress, the Dallas minister who introduced and endorsed Texas's governor at the Values Voter Summit last week, and—in case you've forgotten—called Mitt Romney's Mormon faith a “cult” in the process.

Donohue told The Daily Beast that Jeffress' description of Mormonism “bespeaks dramatic ignorance”—but that he was calling for Perry to sever ties “not only for the pastor's comments on Mormonism,” but because of the anti-Catholic statements the megachurch pastor made on his Pathway to Victory ministry show last September. On that show, Jeffress likened the Catholic Church to Satan, and called it a “fake religion.”