Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Are they Astroturf Useful Idiots Who Represent The Bums Of America?

I don't normally watch that channel called CNN but my friend Erin Burnett has a new show called Outfront on CNN which is pretty good.  It is actually a "we report, you decide"  kind of show. In a segment called  Seriously?! she paid a visit to the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Manhattan.  From what I've heard and seen from pictures and some speeches the vast majority of these people seem to be like zombies and clueless idiots.  I wonder how far, wide and the length of time she had to search to find a protester who had a clue as to why they were protesting and was coherent in his complaints.  She found that most of the outrage from the protesters comes from the belief that TARP had hurt the economy.  But, Erin actually debunks that false notion. To my surprise I found out that we, the taxpayers, actually made money off the bailouts, with the exception in the case of GM.  The taxpayers lost money bailing out GM.  So, are the protesters a "mixed bag" as she asserts or are they useful idiots? 

Well, we have one protester who decided to defecate on a police car.

                                 Is this the caliber of persons we are dealing with at OWS? 

Here is an example of those enviroweenies not being so environmentally friendly. 

Are these protesters astroturf? 

At the Occupy DC protest we even have an organizer who admits to paying some protesters to be there. 

The protesters in Manhattan have garnered the backing of AFL-CIO's 56 unions, the SEIU as well as support from the Obama administration, Democrats and the DNC.   Billionaire George Soros does more than sympathize with the protesters but in fact has his grubby fingers all over this.  The original "Occupy Wall Street" ad came from the magazine Adbusters which is paid for by the Soros-funded Tides Foundation. 

In the video below we have the Communist Frances Fox Piven supporting the Occupy Wall Street protesters and you can hear the zombie chants from the protesters. Whoa! That's scary.... 

While I sympathize with the protesters sentiment against the bailouts I vehemently oppose their class warfare rhetoric and anti-capitalistic or anti-free market philosophy.  These people are clueless when it comes to economics. 


Anonymous said...

Are you preggers with glenbeck's jesus cock child?

innominatus said...

These morons are doing us a huge favor. Every stupid stunt and idiotic comment equals another on-the-fence voter coming to our side. My only wish is that they would get A LOT more news coverage.

Above, Anonymous proves my point.

Teresa said...


You are correct. Ya know I was going to remove anon's comment but since it proves your point I'm going to leave it up.

Opus #6 said...

T, we can never let "them" drive us away with their foul mouths. Good for you for standing your ground. They think they can scare away God-fearing people by being gross but we are stronger than that.

And the Tea Party will fall like a TSUNAMI over the polls in 2012. That is what they really fear and what will really happen.

The Conservative Lady said...

I think a lot of them are astroturf and useful idiots. SEIU and George Soros had a lot to do with this thing. I also heard that October 15 is going to be a big day. Protesters will march around the world. Whoo Hoo.
Some Dems are jumping on the OWS bandwagon now hoping it will become something like the Tea Party for liberals. It is NOTHING like the Tea Party.

A Pissed Off Irishman said...

I don't know about the rest of the 99 percent.. Those a$$hole wall street occupiers Do not represent me. I go to work every day. And guess what? I didn't go to college.

Leticia said...

Wow! Teresa, you really hit a nerve. I suppose the truth hurts. Typical liberal, too cowardly to leave a name. Definitely proved a solid point how vile they can be.