Thursday, October 13, 2011

History of Our United States Navy During the American Revolution

On this date in 1775 the Continental Congress authorized construction and administration of the first naval forces in America, what later became our United States Navy.  Here is a video on the beginnings of our Navy during the American Revolution.


John Carey said...

I love those older video Teresa. I had seen this one years ago. It brought back some great memories. Thanks for posting this.

Ron Russell said...

I recall seeing this film while I was in the Navy many years ago, along with the Victory at Sea series. John Paul Jones earned his honored place in American Naval History.

Leticia said...

Wow! That took me back to when I was a kid in grade school! Loved those old films, and even though, I tended to pass notes during them, I did enjoy them.

But pretended not to. *smile*