Monday, October 24, 2011

Ginni Thomas Interview with Rev. C.L. Bryant Part 1: His Conversion to Conservatism, Liberals Hijacking of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream

He's right when he states that race hustlers such as the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have turned Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream into a scheme.  They have made it their political and personal careers to benefit off of race, race baiting, and causing divisiveness between the different races.  Their financial and personal success has been primarily based on using the plight of the blacks and poor for their personal gain.  How any black person could actually think they care about them is beyond me when they and their policies have enslaved a good many people over the past 40 or more years.  They don't empower people to better themselves but rally them to be feeders off of other peoples' successes.  We need to stop this culture of dependency which is being perpetuated by the Left.  Martin Luther King did not advocate for the spreading of the wealth. He did not advocate for equal outcomes.  HE DID ADVOCATE FOR EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES.  He wanted each person to have the opportunity to succeed in life.  The thing that intrudes and inhibits a person's ability to succeed the progressives promote - BIG GOVERNMENT and big government intrusion into our lives.  

As a black pastor and former leader with the NAACP, did you pay any personal price for leaving the stronghold of the Democratic Party and joining the tea party?
“It is very difficult. Why? Because the people who are your peers are, let’s say, still on the plantation. They are very much embracing the idea that you have just been liberated from.”

Do you believe Rev. Martin Luther King’s dream and movement have been hijacked?
“King would not recognize what has happened to the civil rights movement if he were to come today. King had a dream, and there are those who came after him who had a scheme — to extort money from large corporations, and that is exactly what has happened.”

Why did you move from the left to the right, politically?
“I was a true believer in the liberal cause … I was flipping through the AM dials, and I came across a fellow by the name of Rush, and I’m here with you today. The rest of it’s basically history.”

H/T   The Daily Caller 


Amusing Bunni said...

This Pastor is GREAT, Teresa. His message should be played in every church. Too many people are being fooled by the dems hijacking of Dr. King's message.
I wish they would realize the truth, and not just vote racial lines.....but it's hard to change their minds.

I hope you are feeling better today, rest up and take it easy, Get Well very soon.

Ron Russell said...

King's dream has been hijacked by the far left and King would not recognize today's civil rights movement.