Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Lady: An Introduction To Coredemption

Bishop Gregori of Let The Truth Be Known did a beautiful and awesome post on Our Lady of Fatima so I thought I would share an introduction to Mary as coredemptrix.

Coredemption Introduction - Dr Miravalle: MCast 44 by AirMaria

Dr. Miravalle takes on the three objections to the Mary being considered the coredemptrix.

Three Objections to Coredemption - Dr Miravalle... by AirMaria

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Unknown said...

My wife and I heard about an apparition of Mary just a skip down the road from us, so we went. By the time we got there, the urine soaked floor of the Texaco gas station had nearly evaporated her image; but what we did see we knew it was Our Lady of Texaco-- and ya know, there was a smell of roses in that cramped bathroom. My wife thought it was probably the urinal cakes, but she checked and they were lemon.
Then we heard about an apparition on a window a few hours away. We were caught a glimpse of Our Lady of Texaco, but we wanted more. So we took the drive. My wife drove because of my back pain and we arrived there about 11pm and parked down the street. There weren't as many people as we thought- maybe about 30 people standing on the sidewalk and across the street. And there she was... her image right there on the bathroom window of someone's old Spanish style California bungalow. We crossed the lawn to approach the window when a pellet gun poked out of an adjacent window and told us to get the fuck of their property. So, my wife and I complied- as we walked away we praised Our Lady de la Ventana del Cuarto de BaƱo. Then, suddenly, the lights went on, we could hear the shower running and Our Lady was gone.
She really needs to hire a better booking agent.