Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Idealism, the GOP, and Ousting Barack Obama

Our political system is broken and has been broken for years.  It has been corrupted by progressives on both the Right and the Left.  Our politicians haven't been following the Constitution for years.  Many have been working to undermine our Constitution and American values.  We need to return to our Founding principles and keep a vigilant eye on our elected officials as to make sure that they adhere to the Constitution.

We Americans who love our country know that Barack Obama is working to undermine our Constitution in order to "transform" America into what is his progressive vision. We must oust Barack Obama from office.  Knowing that it is imperative to vote Obama out of office in order to save our country from falling permanently into a dark abyss which adheres to Marxist principles we may need to put our idealism on hold and nominate the best, electable person who is able to beat Barack Obama next year.

We need to educate the public on not only American history but also the horrors that Marxism has caused around the world.  The same way that progressivism seeped into our political system and culture is the same way we need to return to our Founding principles.  I say this because if people are pushed too much we may see a backlash and have unintended consequences happen.  I fear that if we nominate a candidate who is too idealistic we are going to turn off voters and they either won't show up at the polls or will vote for Obama.

I am just saying practicality is sometimes better than idealism.  I am sure that each of us has their favorite candidate but we need to really make sure that the candidate we choose to nominate as our GOP nominee has a good chance of beating Barack Obama.  I am not claiming that any particular candidate is unelectable but I just know that it is imperative for us to boot Obama out of office.  We need to choose as our GOP nominee the candidate who has the best chance of beating Obama in 2012.  In addition, conservatives and libertarians need to commit to voting for whomever our nominee is and not be nitpicky and not vote due to your position on a some issues differing from that of our nominee.  I think it is time to save America from the brink of calamity first and then be idealistic later, or at least work toward our ideal goal step-by-step.

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We have to stick together to defeat Obama ... No staying home and no third parties!

John Galt said...

I agree with you, Teresa. I'm decidedly on the camp of Ronald Reagan that said, "I will vote for the most conservative candidate that can win".
I cannot emphasize enough "that can win".

But a lot of the bloggers on the right, and with whom I agree in 'principle', are, however, in denial about the "that can win". If you call them "idealists" they don't only deny it fervently, but they fight you personally.

The Serpentdove Said said...

We must not let Herman Cain fall by the hands of the liberals. They have played this lynching game far to many times.

MK said...

"but I just know that it is imperative for us to boot Obama out of office"

Well said and that ultimately is what it boils down to, if obama is reelected, that is the end of any chance you have of turning back.

You can have the most principled candidate after the next election, but it'll be too late. If people think obama pushed his luck in his first term, they ain't seen nothing yet if he gets even a whiff that some want what he's peddling.