Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Ad Supporting Herman Cain: 'High-Tech Lynching'

Herman Cain is not my top choice but I think the Left's dishonorable mistreatment and mischaracterizations of him is despicable.

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Matt said...

That is so true.

Matt said...

That is so true.

Malcolm said...

Before I respond, two questions:

1. Who are you referring to when you say "the Left"?

2. How did "the Left" mistreat and mischaracterize Herman Cain?

Teresa said...


1. The progressive media and progressives in Hollywood.

2. CNN for one has been obsessed with these accusations focusing on them quite a bit. There are some examples of the blatant mistreatment by those in Hollywood and others in the video. Some on the Left have assumed his guilt, like just because accusations occur that makes the person guilty.

This is obviously a legitimate news story but to cover this excessively while the MSM avoided reporting on legitimate news stories which involved questionable associations progressives had in their past is hypocrisy.

Malcolm said...

Teresa: Thanks for answering my questions. I assume when you say “progressive media” that you mean practically everyone but Fox “News”. :-)

Unfortunately, the assumption of guilt in these scandals often depends on one‘s political viewpoint. Ask yourself this: if the situation was the same (except President Obama was the one being accused of sexual harassment), how many on the right would assume he was guilty? As for the treatment of Herman Cain by the so-called “progressive media” in light of the sexual harassment allegations, from what I’ve seen they have made it clear that he is innocent until proven guilty.

When it comes to the lesser coverage the broadcast networks gave to then-candidate Obama’s connections to Rev. Wright, Ayers, and Rezko, they realized there was nothing there. If there was something to legitimately tie Obama to these three besides simple “guilt by association”, the right-wing noise machine would have found it.

The video of O’Reilly/Goldberg agreeing with NewsBusters doesn‘t mean the report undoubtedly proved its intended point. That would be like me giving you a link to a clip in which Rachel Maddow agreed with a story by Media Matters. The O’Reilly/Goldberg segment would have been better if there was someone to offer a liberal counterpoint.

It would have been interesting if did reports on the number of times the broadcast networks did stories on the first week coverage of liberals facing sex scandals vs. the Obama stories during the entire 2008 campaign. Of course that won’t happen because it wouldn’t fit their narrative that there’s a vast liberal bias in the mainstream media.

The reasons the Cain sexual harassment story has gotten so much coverage is because:

a. He’s a presidential candidate doing well in the polls

b. Sex sells. When it comes to stories with a sexual angle, most of the news media is going to cover them regardless of whether or not there’s a “D” or an “R” after the politician’s name. Think of the coverage the news outlets gave to the Anthony Weiner, Mark Sanford, and John Edwards scandals.

The examples included in the ad of Cornel West, Al Sharpton, and Harry Belafonte criticizing Herman Cain all occurred before we heard about the sexual harassment allegations. The ad doesn’t make that distinction. Here are the links to the three interviews in their full context:

You may not like the criticism of Herman Cain by West, Sharpton, and Belafonte, but it wasn’t out of bounds.

Malcolm said...

Two things I forgot to add in support of my "sex sells" argument. The following Herman Cain-related stories have received scant coverage by the news media:

1. The fact that Cain's chief of staff Mark Block agreed to pay a $15,000 fine and not work on any campaigns until 2004 after being faced with allegations of election law violations following the 1997 campaign of Jon Wilcox.

2. The allegations that the Cain campaign may have been illegally funded by Block's Prosperity USA.

Teresa said...


I wouldn't say that there was nothing to Obama's connections with Ayers, Wright, and Rezko but rather that the media had a vested interest in covering up for Barack Obama since they were behind his candidacy hook, line and sinker. Radical connections are there. You may define things as radical differently than I though.

You did make some good points but I just think the treatment by the media of Herman Cain before and after the accusations occurred was awful just cause he's conservative.

The criticism by West, Sharpton, and Belafonte was beyond over the top and bordered on character assassination rather than focusing on the issues. But, the treatment of black conservatives by liberals in general is usually horrendous.

There may be some facts to support what you claimed as far as far as sex scandals go but usually the media will give more coverage time to scandals by conservatives than scandals by liberals, and there is proof of that if you take a look at the lack of coverage the MSM had of Clinton and his sex scandal.

Malcolm said...

We'll have to agree to disagree on the severity (or lack thereof) of President Obama's "connections" and the criticism of Herman Cain by West, Sharpton, and Belafonte.

I think the media's criticism of Herman Cain is due to the numerous gaffes he has made during his run for the presidency. For example:

a. His lack of knowledge on foreign policy issues (for example, being unable to answer a question about the Palestinian right of return)

b. His odd flip-flop on abortion

c. Not knowing that China has nuclear weapons

On the other hand, I have heard members of the so-called progressive media praise Herman Cain for a variety of things (his charm/likability, his success in the business world, his "rags to riches" story, etc.). I give Cain praise for these attributes as well. It's on the issues where Mr. Cain falls short and his policy stances (as well as those of any other politician) are open to scrutiny.

The alleged negative treatment of black conservatives by liberals is a false meme. There may be some liberals who bash any black simply for being conservative. However, I think that type of criticism is minimal. What's usually happening is that we are criticizing conservatives who happen to be black. There are relatively few prominent black conservatives. As a result, the criticism directed at people like Herman Cain and Allen West gives the false impression that it's due to them being black conservatives. When a conservative says "Many African-Americans are brainwashed..." (Cain) or bashes people who display the religious-based "Coexist" bumper sticker (West), they are going to get criticized regardless of their race. How often do you hear liberals criticize such black conservatives as J.C. Watts or Tim Scott (the recently elected congressman from South Carolina)? Also, when you criticize a black liberal such as President Obama, I think you are doing it based on policies, not race. Isn't it possible that the same is true of most liberals who criticize black conservatives?

While doing research for a post I wrote for my blog a few days ago, I came across an exceptional article about black conservatism. Here is the URL:

To say there was a lack of coverage of Bill Clinton's sex scandal by the MSM simply doesn't hold up to reality. Even if one didn't follow the news closely, the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal was inescapable.

The 1st link gives a breakdown of the coverage of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal. The 2nd link is to a CNN poll which asked if there was too much coverage. Short of them devoting all their coverage to the scandal, I don't know what you expected the MSM to do.

Teresa said...


I wouldn't call Herman Cain's answer an odd flip-flop on abortion but it was odd and poorly worded.

"c. Not knowing that China has nuclear weapons"

Unsure whether that's actually true. He explained that he misspoke. Plus, I think that he not use to using nuance like politicians usually use nuance when answering questions.

"It's on the issues where Mr. Cain falls short and his policy stances (as well as those of any other politician) are open to scrutiny."

I agree.

I would say that approximately 85% of the media is liberal or liberal leaning so I do think that the media targets conservatives more whether their black or white or whatever. I do think liberals target black conservative more than minimally or maybe its just that a certain few are constantly and consistently doing this.

My friend Erin who has a show on CNN treats Herman Cain quite well.

I see no problem with Cain or West making those type of statements or criticisms of bumper stickers or liberals criticizing them for that. When saying this the person should have some facts to back it up. Although, I've noticed when showing facts to some progressives they only use excuses and refuse to look at the facts, or accept them as true. And some won't even consider the other point of view, and that I would call brainwashing.

"Isn't it possible that the same is true of most liberals who criticize black conservatives?"

Yes. But sometimes it is mixed or the rhetoric is so over the top in using character assassination while criticizing the person on the issues it overshadows the actual criticisms.

Malcolm said...

In the interview, Cain states that “maybe he misspoke”. Hmm. One should know whether or not they misspoke. Even if it was true that he didn’t know China has nuclear weapons, do you think he’d admit it?

Although it’s possible Cain misspoke in regards to China, I don‘t see how anyone can defend his disastrous “answer“ to a question about Libya. Watching him struggle to come up with an answer was both painful to watch and hilarious! Cain seemed as if he was mentally going through the index cards of talking points he was given to brush up on the issues.

You said you think liberals target black conservatives more than minimally. The only way your statement would have any merit is if liberals had a history of giving passes to white conservatives when they make controversial statements or verbal gaffes. Also, if it what you said were true, liberals would have black conservatives such as J.C. Watts and Tim Scott in their proverbial crosshairs too.

Because I don’t want to derail the topic of your post, I won’t give a detailed response to your comments about the media and progressives/facts/brainwashing. Let’s just say I completely disagree. What I’d like to do some weekend is to set up a live chat where conservatives and liberals can debate the issues. If and when that happens, I’ll let you know. By the way, that’s cool you are friends with Erin Burnett. Do you two often talk on the phone, hang out, visit each other, etc.?

To go back to your original point about how you feel the left has mistreated and mischaracterized Herman Cain, one has to ask themselves who would have the most to gain if Cain slipped in the polls. It stands to reason that another GOP presidential candidate would. If it’s true that another GOP prez candidate leaked the sexual harassment story to Politico, wouldn’t the right have a hand in the so-called mistreatment and mischaracterization of Herman Cain?

Katherine said...

The bottom line is that too many conservatives simply don't believe that sexual harassment exists. Therefore they find all accusations to be false.

Teresa said...

That is false Katherine. Some accusations are blown of proportion because of perceptions.

Teresa said...


I thought I responded to you. Sorry about the delay. I've been going back and forth feeling pretty bad to sometimes feeling okay due to health issues though.

"Even if it was true that he didn’t know China has nuclear weapons, do you think he’d admit it?" Maybe... but probably not.

I felt sorry for him when he answered the question on Libya.

Could it be that progressives target certain black conservatives?

I don't think that all blacks are brainwashed. Basically only those who aren't willing to even take a look at an issue from the other side, another perspective.

Unfortunately, Erin and I have only kept in contact on and off. It's been a while since the last time we got together. But we do write one another and talk on the phone sometimes.

The Right could have a hand in his mistreatment. But, I believe that the progressive media had a hand in it too.

If the same thing happened to Obama would you think that he had been mistreated?

Teresa said...

That was supposed to say "blown out of proportion".

Katherine said...

What I love abour conservatives is there belief that the private market works perfectly to cause corporations to be economically efficient or go out of business, -- except for the media, which they think somehow survives for decades despite pushing a narrrow ideology rather than just follow good business practices.

Teresa said...


What conservatives want are sensible regulations - the minimum number of regulations needed in the private sector which doesn't strangle businesses, like is happening today. We need the correct regulations which directly target the problems at hand but not just piling on regulations that seem to be good but in actuality aren't just because there called regulations. This is why the economy sucks now, Obamacare regulations, EPA regulations, and other regulations instituted by Obama and the Dems.

Malcolm said...

Teresa: No worries about the delay in your response. I hope you are feeling better.

"I don't think that all blacks are brainwashed. Basically only those who aren't willing to even take a look at an issue from the other side, another perspective."

The same goes for any other group of people.

If any of the allegations against Cain are true, people on the right or the so-called progressive media aren't to blame. The blame would belong solely on Cain. Also, if everything was the same except it was President Obama in the proverbial hot water, I wouldn't say he was being mistreated.

In regards to your claim that regulations are out of control under President Obama, below are an interesting clip and an accompanying article.

The economy sucks now because of President Obama and the Dems? Look, Obama is the president now and he owns the economy. However, you seem to be suggesting that the economy was in glorious shape until President Obama took office. Please tell me you aren't suggesting that.

Katherine said...


You mut have been responding to someone else, because yoru response had nothing to do with my observation that conservative belief that the private market works because a business will do what is efficient, except for some reason the media industry chooses to push a narrow ideology yet still survives as a business.

Such silliness.