Saturday, November 26, 2011

Interview With Judge Napolitano: Why Taxation is Theft, Abortion is Murder & Why It's Dangerous To Be Right When The Government Is Wrong

This is a good interview.  I disagree with some of Judge Napolitano's positions, though.  I disagree that taxation is theft.  I think that progressive or excessive taxation is theft.  I don't understand why the Judge wouldn't necessarily be happy that the government was involved in ending slavery and in advancing women's suffrage. I disagree with him about President Bush. I do agree with him when he says that the Patriot Act needs to be repealed.  I agree with him about abortion.

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Opus #6 said...

How we treat the weakest among us says everything about our character.

Little babies in the womb are individual humans, deserving respect and life. Most gals become pregnant due to preventable circumstances. That she didn't bother, and then wants to commit murder so as not to inconvenience her lifestyle for a few months, which is all it would be if she gave the child up for adoption, is heinous.

And men are just as culpable. I have heard of men being broken hearted over a girlfriend deciding for abortion. But sometimes men push women to get abortions, and even threaten violence and make death threats against their former girlfriends who decline abortions.

If there is a he!! I hope these bad people go there.

japotillor said...

I would agree with the judge that taxation is theft, simply on the grounds that you earn money that is taken away against your will

Teresa said...


I agree with you, with one exception.

You said "If there is a he!! I hope these bad people go there."

I say let's pray for their conversion, but if they don't convert there certainly is a place in hell for those who committed murder for convenience sake and haven't repented.

Teresa said...


The problem with you saying that taxation is theft is that even in the Bible Jesus says, render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and render unto God what is God's.

This is why I said that I believe that excessive taxation is theft. But the problem is in people disagreeing on what is considered excessive taxation.

General P. Malaise said...


why do you disagree with the judge on Bush? because the judge is wrong about the law or you think Bush is allowed to go around the constitution if he gets a majority of people to support him?

WomanHonorThyself said...

How we treat the weakest among us says everything about our true!

John Carey said...

Great round up Teresa. Thank you so much for the link.

japotillor said...

Right Teresa, but the question is does the government have a right to your money. I say that they don't.