Friday, November 25, 2011

Pro-Life Sarah Palin: Not Just Talking the Talk but Actually Walking The Walk

Here a personal Thanksgiving Reflection by Sarah Palin which she dedicates to Trig. It is beautiful and awesome.

From On Thanksgiving, my family’s traditions will reflect the loyal, active, robust, big family life that shaped me. We’re so fortunate to be together to share the making of another year’s memory. In these late autumn days with temperatures dipping to 20-degrees below zero, we’ll brave Alaska’s biting cold to run and skate and ride – just because we can, and for that I am so thankful. Life in America’s Last Frontier is not an easy living, but it’s a good living. Here in Alaska, where I’m never without inspiration, an optimistic pioneering spirit still permeates, and harsh conditions force us out of self-centeredness and towards community – often in order to survive.
This need for selflessness – and the blessings that come with it – sharpened for me almost four years ago when I was given the gift of broader horizons, clarified priorities, and more commitment to justice and compassion for my fellow man who faces challenges and fears. I was granted this through a gift that arrived in a tiny, six-pound, awe-inspiring bundle. We named him Trig.
I know America’s potential for goodness, thus greatness, because I see it every day through my son. Nothing makes me happier or prouder than to see America’s good heart when someone smiles at my Trig. I notice it happens often in airports. Often a traveler passing by does a double-take when they see him, perhaps curious about the curious look on his face; perhaps my son momentarily exercises an uncontrollable motion that takes the passerby by surprise. Perhaps, as an innocent and candid child announced when she first met Trig, they think “he’s awkward.” But when that traveler pauses to look again and smile, and maybe tells me what a handsome boy I have, I swell with American pride. I am so thankful for their good heart. They represent the best in our country and their kindness shows the real hope we need today.
I am thankful that, as in so many areas of life, the bitter people who say bitter things about someone facing challenges are so outnumbered. There have been stinging criticisms, even from people still screaming that Trig should never have been born, but we know those critics may be the loudest and most malicious, but they’re not the majority.
To me, when individuals reflect the greater societal acceptance of someone facing challenges, they show the best of humanity – even by offering a simple pat on Trig’s head or a knowing smile shot our way. Conversely, when a society works to eliminate the “weakest links” (as some would callously consider the disabled) or “the unproductive” (as some would callously consider the very young and the very old), it eliminates the very best of itself. When a society seeks to destroy them, it also destroys any ability or need for sincere compassion, empathy, improvement, and even goodwill. And those are the very best qualities of humanity! Those are the characteristics of a country that understands and embraces true hope! America can be compassionate and strong enough as a nation to be entrusted with those who some see as an “inconvenience,” but who are really our greatest blessings. Through Trig, I see firsthand that there is man’s standard of perfection, and then there is God’s. Man’s standard is flawed, temporary, and shallow. God’s standard lasts an eternity. At the end of the day, His is what matters.
So, this Thanksgiving my family will bundle Trig up and grin while we watch him through ice-frosted eyelashes as he curiously takes in all that is around him in the crisp open air. I hope your Thanksgiving gives you the opportunity to find that reminder of what really matters, too. For me, my perfect picture of thankfulness is my perfectly awesome son. With him, all is well with my soul and I know I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

I hope if she indeed takes him out in minus 20 degree weather (who would do that?) he at least has more clothes on than the winter she hauled him around the book stores shoeless and coatless.
Happy frosted eyelashes. Sure.

Always On Watch said...

It is wonderful to read how much joy the Palins take in watching and nurturing Trig. Too few in America really cherish the handicapped. Believe me, Mr. AOW and I know that fact very well.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Teresa, it's time to start blocking Anonymous. I can show you how.

She is proving we don't all come with a "kill" switch as the libs would like us to believe.

Trekkie4Ever said...

It is wonderful to see how this and all families who have special needs children treat these precious little ones.

God bless that family.

Odie, anon is your typical and hateful liberal.

Daxx said...

Hey...I don't know about that "typical and hateful liberal" comment. I'm a social liberal and a fiscal conservative, and I think it's outstanding how Sarah says she feels about her little boy. Now, I'm not Palin's biggest fan: I think that she knows a lot, but doesn't understand enough to be VP. I also think she does poorly under pressure, like she has on some of the news shows. But hey! It doesn't matter. Palin could be the worst politician in the world (which she's not - I'm sure she's not even the worst in Wasilla!) and the way she's treated her precious son would still be exemplary. I'm so shocked and hurt by those who think the disabled should be euthanized like dogs...we live in the United States in the second century - when will we all get past this inconceivable ignorance? Much respect to the Palin family, though they are just reflecting the thoughts that all should have and, hopefully, most do.

Teresa said...


Thank you very much for your comment. Most of the liberals I have come into contact with either on the internet or in person I have found to be typical and hateful liberals. You are a rarity among liberals. Many liberals hate Palin because she is pro-life and stands up for the handicapped.