Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State Child Sex Abuse Scandal: Rioting Students Topple TV Van in Wake of Coach Paterno Firing

From The Blaze: Officers used pepper spray to control the crowd. Some students chanted ‘We want Joe! We want Joe!” Others kicked in the windows out of the toppled news van. 

From The Blaze: Paterno had announced earlier in the day he planned to retire after the season and expressed remorse for not having done more after he learned of the sex assault allegations.

A huge child sex abuse scandal has rocked the Penn State community.  Now the fallout has even taken down the famous football coach, Coach Paterno.  Apparently Penn State had more multiple opportunities to stop Sandusky's alleged child sex abuse.  Joe Paterno reported at least one incidence of child abuse to college officials but did nothing else to ensure the safety of young boys.  While he did nothing legally wrong it is evident that morally he should have done something more to make sure that boys were in a safe environment.  Do you think that he should have been fired?  Keep in mind this happened without an investigation by Penn State and the police investigators found no fault with Joe Paterno. Or do you think that emotions were running high and that Penn State trustees simply gave into public pressure?  In addition, after the child sex abuse scandal came to light Joe Paterno had said that he was planning to retire at the end of season.  I have mixed feelings on this one.  I just don't think that this should tarnish Paterno's entire football career.  I just don't see evidence that he was in fact one of the persons who covered up for the child sex abuse.  But this whole situation is disturbing so maybe the Penn State board made the correct decision in firing both the President of Penn State and Joe Paterno.

Here is the video of a t.v. van being toppled over by Penn State students.


Amusing Bunni said...

It's sickening all all who knew about these vile crimes should be fired and arrested.

Those stupid kids are no better than the OWS nutters. Protesting for the wrong reasons.

Did you read that it gets even worse, that creep Sandusky was pimping out the boys to high end donors! Oh, it's gonna get a LOT worse. Paterno is a jerk, as far as I can see, he should have been fired YEARS ago, he enabled the whole sordid thing.

I hope you have a nice weekend, Teresa, despite all the madness that gets worse by the minute.

dmarks said...

I commend Penn State for getting rid of these bad people within a few days of this breaking loose.

Why is the Catholic Church after all these years now still covering up the rapist priests and dragging their feet on that similar scandal?

Teresa said...


Actually the Catholic Church as a whole isn't and didn't cover up priest sexual abuse of minors. There were bishops who followed secular counselors/psychologists advice that these priest abusers could be rehabilitated and therefore advised the bishops to move them from parish to parish. The majority of priest sexual abusers were progressives and had a homosexual inclination or tendencies that is evidenced by the areas in which if not all but most of the abuse took place - Boston for example.

Plus, the policies for dealing with these kinds of acts according to Canon Law were followed but the Canon Law needed to be changed. Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict has done a great job of reforming Canon Law to punish priests and protect young boys or children. He has also done a great deal to reach out to the victims of abuse. Unfortunately, the smoke of Satan entered the Church but now Satan is being flushed out. Plus, the Catholic Church is huge compared to Penn State, going by both location and numbers.

MK said...

Protesting is fine, but rioting, vandalizing and burning is just not on.