Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Purest Form of Islam Revealed in Belgium

Islam is Islam. There is no "moderate" Islam. Muslims cannot be loyal to any form of government and Muslims in this video make that crystal clear.



Liberty said...

As a point of interest, they used to say the exact same thing about Catholics...

Teresa said...


What exactly are you referring to?

Teresa said...


Didn't think of this til' now but as far as Catholicism and beliefs go, where the teachings of the Church are taught to be infallible there is only one truth, no room for dissent. There are some issues in which Catholics can use prudential judgement, like on economic issues but cafeteria Catholicism isn't true Catholicism. For example, those who are pro-choice and Catholic are only marginally Catholic because their position runs contrary to Church teachings on morality. Abortion is an intrinsic evil in which Catholics are obligated to oppose. Yes, bishops suck in enforcing this.

Opus #6 said...

Hey Lib, Here's a difference between Catholics and Muslims.

Catholics don't kill bad Catholics.

Muslims kill bad muslims and those to convert to another religion.

Huge difference. Got it?

japotillor said...

They speak for themselves, we didn't say anything :)

MK said...

What the muslim fellow said is correct, islam is islam. There is the word of allah, what mohamed dreamt up and that is that, it's the law of the land and no one is immune from it.

If westerners ever lived under islamic sharia, they would yearn for the days when the church was part of the state. In islam, there is no state, just islam.

Liberty said...

@Teresa- it was one of the premier arguments for restricting Irish/Italian immigration to the US during the 1800s. It was said that Catholicism was a political order and that they could have no loyalty to a worldly government because their loyalty was to the Pope. Of course, that is manifestly untrue, but it was still used, much in the same way the argument is used against Muslims today.

@Opus- most Muslims (the vast majority of them) are quite peaceful people. Whether they're really living out the mandate of their religion or not is beside the point. They are peaceful and have not hurt anyone, and until they do, there is nothing we can do against them, thanks to the tenets of our Constitution. Remember that the people you see on television are only the most sensational, out-there facets of Islam...because, after all, outrageous sentiments make the news.

Also, relating to the video: I find it quite funny that a movie-trailer type movie purporting to argue why Islam is terrible features clips from a movie that appears to be Kingdom of Heaven. I confess I don't see the point. -.-

Teresa said...


It was based more on the tensions between Protestant Fundamentalism versus Roman Catholicism due to their clashing views. It was based more on anti-Catholicism than an anti-immigration policy.

This was only perceived by protestants in the 1800's whereas more than one Muslim actually stated their true intentions to follow the "laws of Allah" and not the laws of Belgium or any democracy for that fact. The more that is revealed about Islam or Muslims coming forward with their anti-Christian, pro-sharia, anti-democratic sentiment and persecution of Christians or any one who doesn't believe exactly what they believe the more troubling Islam is to me. Muslim violence and persecution of what the call "infidels" is becoming more prevalent than you are admitting.

Liberty said...

Teresa- I understand the basis of the protestant-catholic rivalry. My purpose was not to point out the immigration tack that most of the anti-Papists took, but merely to show that the anti-Muslim hysteria has taken much the same route as that that was once favored by the anti-Catholic crowd.

I agree that Muslim violence is escalating, and that more and more young men are being radicalized in Western countries. I differ with the idea that we should issue a blanket condemnation against all people who adhere to Muslim precepts, however. I believe it would be far more helpful to examine exactly why this trend of violence is escalating, and do something concrete to stop it. Given the fact that throwing men in jail for lesser offenses seems only to produce more radicalization (as several people throughout the past decades have proven), I think we can discount that as an option for trying to beat them over the head with sensibility. But if we can go to where they are, understand why this phenomonen is happening, and then do something to remove the root of it, then it will stop of its own accord.

I just finished reading a book called "The Crescent Through the Eyes of the Cross" by one Doctor Nabeel Jabbour, who is a Lebanese Christian who frequently gives speeches and lectures at Christian seminaries. It was really quite eye-opening as to how the Muslim world views the West, and why they do the things they do. It was really quite eye-opening, and I'd strongly suggest reading it if you could get your hands on a copy. Anywho. In the book, Dr. Jabbour talks about things that cause Muslims to potentially become radicalized: what they see as Western imperialism or Western decadence or whatever. It's most often the former, though, especially amongst actual Middle Eastern-born people. (It's also worth noting that even Arabian Christians often view America's actions in, for instance, propping up the Israeli regime, as extremely provoking.)

So I guess what I'm trying to say, in a very long-winded manner, is that I agree that Muslim violence is escalating. But rather than lashing back out in violence or xenophobia, we should instead attempt to live peaceably with our fellow humans. Because, after all, there aren't really many other location options. -.-