Monday, August 10, 2009

Mike Sola Gets Threatened By Union Thugs for Obamacare

Mike Sola: Obama supporters threatening his family
Fox News Channel | 8/10/09

Mike Sola, who spoke out at Rep. Dingell's town hall meeting in defense of his son who is sick with cerebral palsy, is being threatened with injury or death by Obama supporters. After speaking out against Dingell at the town hall, and after Dingell LIED about an "amendment" that would protect his son, persons unknown have been coming onto his property at night and terrorizing Sola and his wife and calling for the death of Sola's son. Sola said that if he catched them, he will kill them, even if it means his going to prison.

These Obama gangsters know no bounds. Sola is "unAmerican," according to Pelosi because of his protest. Things continue to heat-up.

He is not unAmerican. Anyone who speaks out against tyranny is a Patriot. Obama's union thugs should be ashamed of themselves. This is outrageous!!! Taking advantage of a handicapped guy and an older gentleman. These hooligan's MUST BE STOPPED!!! Obama's thugs need to be arrested and thrown in jail immediately.


Amusing Bunni said...

I was reading about this at work today, Teresa. Thanks for posting the video. This brave man and his family do not deserve to be terrorized by union thugs and obama supporters (he is sanctioning all these attacks)

Just like vermin crawling out of their holes at night.
Going to his home, his poor wife and child. If I was him, I'd use deadly force too, if they came on my property and threatened me! Disgraceful.

Where is OSCUMMER & his teachable moments now.
That POS, I hate him more and more every hour!

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,
Your right. He and his family don't deserve to be terrorized for expressing outrage and concern at the town hall meeting. Personally, I really can live without Obummer's teachable moments. I don't think with his puny brain he gets that concept. His ego takes over and tramples right over his puny brain.