Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh Where, Oh Where Have The Stimulus Funds Been Wasted?

The Porkulus(Stimulus)
is filled

with soooooo
much Pork. . . .

that I can smell the
bacon all the way here. . .
(wherever you live)

all the way
from Washington D.C.

Here are some examples of many of the wasteful projects that Dirty Harry, Slicky Dickie, and Wicked Witch Pelosi of the West authorized when voting YES to pass PORKULUS, and in doing so wasted loads of taxpayer money.

1)The Stimulus Package vital water pumps in California were shut down to protect a 2-inch minnow called the Delta Smelt. Two-Thirds of the farmers in CA depend on this water for the growth of their crops.

And this is so ridiculous. . . .

the damn fish are causing. . . .

80,000 people to lose their jobs and raising the unemployment rate for both cities of Mendota and Firebaugh to 41% unemployment, the highest in the nation.

2) Non-Existent Oklahoma Lake in Line for Over $1 Million ToConstruct a New Guardrail Optima Lake was built in the 1960's but one huge problem still exists today. The lake NEVER filled up with water. In 1997, Alan Riffel, then-City Manager of nearbyWoodward, Oklahoma, called the lake, “one of Oklahoma’s greatest boondoggles.”

3) South Dakota fish hatchery to spend half of a $20,000 grant on a freezer for fish sperm.

4) The U.S. Department of the Interior will spend $280 million on wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries, $630,000 on a bridge at the National Bison Range, and $249,000 for solar panels at Ennis Fish Hatchery. Refuges and hatcheries in Montana will receive about $3 million of theInterior Department's stimulus spending at Ennis Fish Hatchery

5) Federal stimulus cash paying for a fish hatchery and a new visitor center in Missouri. $2.9 million will go to a new Mingo National Wildlife Refuge visitor center in Missouri, and an additional $940,000 will go for solar power at a Fish Hatchery.

Rev. Jeremiah The Bullfrog spewed speech like "God D**n" America" and Obama listened in one a pew for over 20 years. Now Obama says YES to the fishies, but NO to Americans and their jobs.

6) $800,000 for little-used Johnstown, Pennsylvania airport to repave a back-up runway; the “Airport for Nobody” Has Already Received Tens of Millions in Taxpayer dollars

The airport is called John Murtha Airport

7) Little-Used “Shovel-Ready” Bridges in Rural Wisconsin Given Priority Over Widely Used Structurally Deficient Bridges.

8) Pawtucket, Rhode Island spending $550,000 on a skateboard park.

9) The Florida Department of Transportation plans to spend $128 million on the proposed Indian Street Bridge, though it does not yet have all the property it needs. The proposed funding of $128 million will be used to build a bridge a quarter of a mile away from an existing bridge, but it is unclear whether it is “shovel-ready.” According to CNN, “the state has yet to buy all the property it needs for the right-of-way leading to the bridge."

10) Virginia will spend $340,000 on a rural bridge that carries only 20 cars a day. The Rock Creek Road bridge leads to a gravel road with seven houses. Two residents of Rock Creek Road said they had not realized the bridge was in disrepair and were not sure that was the best use of the stimulus funds. VDOT officials say their top priority in choosing projects was how quickly they could get started.

11) “Microsoft Bridge” in Seattle will receive $11 million in stimulus funds. Despite having nearly $20 billion in cash reserves, Microsoft will be the prime beneficiary of $11 million for construction of a bridge to connect the two campuses of its headquarters. Separated by a
highway, the Microsoft headquarters outside of Seattle in Redmond, Washington will now be
linked by an unusual diagonally shaped bridge, once construction is completed.


Opus #6 said...

Just thinking about the "stimulus" gets me all riled up.

Teresa said...

The "stimulus" is such a waste of taxpayer money. The money mainly went to stimulate the government but so far hasn't created any jobs. I get ticked off too.

WomanHonorThyself said...

stimulus our tuchus!..great music girl!

Anonymous said...

Great post, girl. You are doing a great job of poking your finger into the wounds.

And I especially liked the Rodriguez video.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the compliments. This is the ultimate anti-stimulus Stimulus.

Thanks for compliment. I always like putting salt on Libs wounds. This whole issue is shaking Rodriguez's political thinking. Maybe Obama will help to turn a Liberal actor into another conservative actor?

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Teresa..added ya to my blogroll hun..thanks for the vis and comment!

Dr. Dave said...

John Murtha...the rat's ass who calls his own constituents rednecks. The asswipe won't even hold townhall parties in person; he's doing them by phone. I met him once, had to shake his hand. I cut my hand off when we were through and fed it to a dog.

That's not true. Really, I cut Murtha's hand off and fed it to Ed Rendell.

Teresa said...

Thank You for adding me to your blogroll.

You had me LMAO. Unfortunately, citizens in Murtha's district like the fact that he brings in gobbs of money. I think someone needs to cut out his tonge and cut off both his hands at the wrist. That way Murtha couldn't lie, cheat, or steal from American people anymore.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that's been stimulated so far, is the printing presses at the Treaury Department, kicking out T-Bill to sell to the Chinese.

Teresa said...

Bats Right,Throws Right-Your correct. And that's going to cause either high inflation or hyperinflation. Thanks for stopping by.