Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three More Advertisers Abandon Glenn Beck

Alright, I am irked more than ever now!! I just found out through Politico.com, that three more advertisers have dropped support for Glenn Beck's show.

And, The advertisers are - Wal-Mart, CVS, and Best Buy.

Alright, I am calling on the BLACK LISTING of these three Companies!!!! If permissible, I am going to leave fliers outside these three companies stores and tell the truth about Glenn Beck. What the hell, Maybe I'll be a rebel and do this regardless of whether permissible or not. Letting ordinary Americans know the truth about these companies and Glenn Beck is very important. I hope you would consider doing the same. Reveal the truth that Obama does have racist tendencies and his comments regarding the Cambridge Police prove just that. He relied on race, and favored one race, the black race while admitting he didn't know all of the facts.

The group, ColorOfChange, an African-American online political organization has targeted Beck’s advertisers since his calling Obama a “racist,”. I think we need to hit this organization hard. I mean really fight back with massive amounts of emails, letters etc. to their office expressing our outrage towards this pro-black and anti-white organization. I think we also need to STOP BUYING from any company or organization that supports Color of Change. I am calling for an all out revolt on this group. We must stand by Glenn Beck especially while he goes through these turbulent times. Beck has a right to his free speech. We, conservatives have a right to patronize, or not patronize who we want. I am encouraging everyone not to patronize any of the Color Of Change's advertisers on the basis that these Pro-Black organizations are promoting racism and a racist life-style-Meaning they are for giving blacks an advantage over every other race.

'Rucker added that the organization's problems with Beck run deeper than just his “racist” comments. Beck, in his opinion, is regularly stoking the “fears of white America” and “pushing fiction as if it's news analysis.” '

Glenn Beck is NOT A RACIST!!!!! He is for ALL AMERICANS!!!
He was merely describing the racist tendencies of our President. Beck has observed Obama's covert, or hidden pro-black racist tendencies transform into overt racist tendencies, that honestly is hard to miss now. Obama was very good at hiding this fact from ordinary American(people who don't pay attention to politics, unlike us well informed Americans), but now his racist tendencies have become overt in nature.

EXCUUUUUSE ME !!!! But President Obama is and was the person playing race politics. And, he did so in a very bad way. Obama made "racist" comments. For some reason it seems to me that a decent amount of black people just love to make themselves out to be victims. And, that just SICKENS ME!!!!! Some African-Americans have promoted this victimization complex, where whatever they do that is wrong, or if anything bad happens to them and it happens to involve a different race, then they try to make themselves out to be the victim. Us Conservatives of all races have gotten past this racial identity politics. How many of the blacks living today experienced SLAVERY? Probably a very, very few or even NONE. So, I say get the HELL off this victimization complex and start actually promoting equality for all Americans.

According to the Constitution, ALL MEN(People) ARE CREATED EQUAL


In my book, we are all on the same playing field. The hand that you are dealt in life is exactly that, and what you do with that or how you deal with that is all up to you. Everyone has a decision on whether to work hard and become successful, or not. And, well if African-Americans keep believing in this sense of entitlement mentality and in being victims when they are not, they will never grow as Americans to the best of their ability. As, conservatives we challenge every person, regardless of race, to do their very best to succeed in life, and to give it their all.



Anonymous said...

The pressure is coming from Left-funded organizations. Just another way that Chicago mobsters deal with dissent.

Red said...

The funny thing is that Fox has not lost any revenue because of the action of these weak-willed advertisers.

Teresa said...

Correct my fellow Patriot.

Thank You for stopping by and commenting. That is awesome news that Fox isn't losing any revenues from this assault against free speech.

Opus #6 said...

Perhaps all of this attention will drive up viewership even further and make the remaining ads more lucrative. Either way, the boycotting advertisers should feel our wrath.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Teressa, I don't like it, but I understand it. Those are high profile brand names. I'm sure they just want to stay out of the political one side or the other fray. Walmart I don't understand though ... the left hates them. If you are a conservative and speak your mind ... they will find a way to punish you. You lick your wounds and meet them head on !

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa:
I share your outrage over this. The facists and commies are taking off the gloves now and really hitting hard.

I hate all they stand for, and Glenn is a wonderful man, who bravely speaks his mind. and oh my, we can't have any of that in hussein's empire!

I hate cvs and best buy, I NEVER shop there anyway, and I don't have a wal-mart by me, so that's a moot point too. I hope eveyone feels like I do and DON"T shoe there! Bastards. This is worse than the nazi's.

Barking Spider said...

Glenn Beck has become a huge thorn in their side and the Left's usual tactic is this kind of situation is to attack with feigned outrage and smears. All Glenn Beck has to do is tell the truth and he's hurting them by doing just that.

Amusing Bunni said...

I meant DON"T SHOP there...hee hee....well don't buy any shoes there either! Put your shoes where they belong, a swift kick in their behinds for being asswipes. Hey, that's good news Fox isn't loosing any money! I agree w/ Opie that they will get MORE viewers now.

Teresa said...

I hope this brings more viewership to Fox. Yes, the companies should feel the wrath.

I understand what your saying, but by these companies choosing to abandon Beck they in effect have chosen sides. Wal-Mart been "fishy" lately.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,
I don't shop at CVS or Best Buy either so that's not a problem. Wal-Mart's are in abundance here, but I will pledge NOT to shop there. They are worse than the Nazis, and its only 8 months into this dictatorship.

Barking Spider,
I agree. As long as Glenn Beck tells the truth he'll be OK. He is an excellent and impressive force within the conservative and anti-Obama movement.

conservative generation said...

some lefty thinking: corporations are evil. So if they pull their support from Beck, Beck must be a saint. Did I get it right?

Teresa said...

Conservative Generation,
I would say that you are correct. If Beck's a Saint I think the corporations must be in bed with the Devil.

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah those leftards..ack!..great post hun..keep it up!

Teresa said...

I like that term leftards and will have to remember it. Thanks. We will all continue the good fight to stop these socialists.

Ron Russell said...

Beck doesn't have to worry about losing Ads. his is and will continue to be a money-maker for the FOX News channel---absolutely no doubt about it.

Thanks for stopping by TOTUS today. I you like I will exchange bloglinks with you--just let me know next time you visit via the comment box. Totus has a PR4 ranking.

Teresa said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love your blog. I'm right with you there in thinking Beck will keep on raking in the money for Fox News.

Exchanging bloglinks sounds great! I will add yours to my blogroll.