Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Poem: On Airways-My Defense of Limbaugh Vs. Stimulus

Here is a poem that I created while the Porkulus, better known as the Stimulus, was being debated in Congress. Only Ten Percent of funds from the Stimulus have entered into our economic universe and so far it has shown to have been a complete crock, and a total waste of money for increasing jobs in both the recent past and at the present time. Where are the shovel ready jobs that Democrats said were ready and waiting for money? How's that hopey and changey happening for all you Obambi supporters? Well, so far only a few and far between number of jobs have been created, and how many actually came from the Stimulus is in question. I hope you enjoy this video and poem, that I created to defend Rush Limbaugh, and is a rant against the Porkulus.

On Airways

Rush Limbaugh stands for freedom on the airwaves

We are always glad when he's on the air

Saying no to failed policies

And the lefts hypocrosies

Free speech for all on the airwaves is fair

GOP needs to follow Rush"s example

Rush wants America to succeed

Setting libs straight with the truth

Obama wants to shut Rush up

Wishing voters had sense at the booth

Obama's just a pup

Liberals, don't keep free speech from the airwaves

Listen to Rush, and do not be Oprahbots

Say no to liberal giveaways

We need to follow the Reagan way

Say no to Government controlling us like robots

Rush keep on taking a stand for you and me

This Stimulus needs a miracle from God

Saying no to a prok filled bill

Dems on the hill, take a chill pill

There's so much pork in this bill I can smell

the bacon all the way from here


Opus #6 said...

Wow, Teresa, is that you? You Vlogged? COOL!!! You look great! "take a chill pill", lol. Wonderful material. I love your spirit, Teresa. It is friends like you that keep me going.

Teresa said...

Yes, Its me. Thanks so much for your compliments. I have a youtube site, so I guess that means I vlogged.

Ron Russell said...

Liked your poem and the video, next time however Teresa take a lesson from the one and use a TOTUS so you can maintain a false eye-contact with your audience, Ha! I admire your effort on the video.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the compliment. I think I do need a TOTUS of my own. Great suggestion!!!

nyp said...

Teresa: great poem there. The only problem is that the stimulus money is being distributed prettly much along the timeline that was originally issued when the stimulus was passed. As of the end of June, approximately $100 billion had been spent, including billions of dollars in tax cuts. More is going out each week. According to the CEA,
the progam remains "on track to have spent 70 percent of the total by the end of the next fiscal year." That is precisely what was promised.
You can find a wealth of additional data (but unfortunately no poetry) at And, by the way, don't you mean to say "Obamabots" instead of "Oprabots"? Seems to me it would scan better.
P.S.: how's it going on answering those questions about the "czars"?

Teresa said...

Thanks for the compliment. I do understand what you are saying, but that is the very reason that the Republicans said it would take too long to enter the economy in order to help create jobs immediately. The Dems did create the impression that the Stimulus just had to be passed so it could create jobs immediately.

P.S. I will get back to you about the czars. Right now I'm shuffling my time between studying for college classes and blogging, as well as other things now.

The Conservative Lady said...

Hey Teresa, good to see you. Rush is my hero, so when I saw you wrote a poem dedicated to him, it made me smile. Keep up the good work.

Teresa said...

Conservative Lady,
Good to see you also. I am glad that I was able to make you smile. Rush is my favorite also. Thank You.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa! I enjoyed your vlog! You made great points and it's a wonderful poem. I "can smell the bacon way over here" too!

Oh noesss. it's nyp again! Please don't let the nutty troll overtake these comments too! This is why delete buttons were invented. You need to concentrate on your studies and other sensible stuff, the trolls are hopeless, don't waste your time.

I've faved, commented and friended you on my youtube channel - check it out, I'll think you'll enjoy it. You're very brave to post a video! If I ever did one, since I like my secret identity, I'd have to do it like "the anti-terrorist" one of my tube friends...ha ha...look & you'll see what I mean :-)

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Teresa, great job, and your looking good on the video. Tomorrow I am going to lay Fox news out in lavender. It will be a follow up to that Birth certificate video I posted to night. Did you notice how that one news person was laughing at Dr. Keys while he was being interviewed. That really pissed me off. I will be sending Fox News a letter tomorrow and let them know exactly what I think.

They used to be the only news channel I watched, but now I am so disappointed in all of them, especially Shepherd Smith who has such a snarky attitude with a lot of his guests. Bill O'Reilly has turned into a real ass lately, always giving Obama the benefit of the doubt on everything. Geraldo is a bigoted s.o.b., always sticking up for the illegal immigrants and supporting sanctuary cities. But the two who really surprise me are Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter who both think that those of us who demand an investigation into the birth certificate are just nuts and trouble makers.

Teresa said...

Amusing Bunni,
Thanks so much for Faving, commenting, and adding me as a friend on your youtube channel. That is very kind of you. I subscribed to yours and will do others soon. I will definitely check it out. I won't let nyp take over the comments.

Teresa said...

Most Rev. Gregori,
Thank You for the compliments. I am also disappointed with Fox News channel. I am surprised how Hannity and Coulter have dismissed us just for wanting to verify Obama's eligibility. Its really not unreasonable what we're asking for. I'm not quite sure its the segment of the video your referring to with Dr. Keyes, but I thought that was on either CNN or MSNBC. Regardless, Go ahead and ream Fox News a new one being as they deserve it for dropping the ball in any case.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Who's that cute little girl ? Author! Author!

Rodak said...

Hey, Teresa--
You certainly put it out there. I admire your commitment to what you believe in.
But, I have to ask--do you really believe that the private insurance companies aren't now making decisions, based on cost effectiveness (to their bottom line, not to you and me) about what services you will be provided when you get ill and need them? If so, think again.
The difference between a health care system run by the U.S. Congress and a system run by the private sector is: if I don't like what congress is doing, I can vote them out. But I can't touch the insurance company executives; I have no leverage. You will say I can switch companies. Sure. That's switching from Coke to Pepsi; from Ford to Chevy; from Colgate to Crest. Get it?
Even Nixon knew that our health care system was inadequate and needed government intervention. Today's GOP is 40 years behind the times.

Teresa said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Thanks for the compliment. I do believe that there is rationing to a degree in health insurance companies. I believe that the insurance companies need to be required to cover everyone regardless of pre-existing conditions and that out-of-pocket and deductibles need to be lowered for individuals/families as well.
Wow, I guess because I've seen how hard it is to change legislation in order to fix social programs such as medicare, welfare etc. regardless of whose in office, I think that its much easier to pass legislation which would make certain demands on the insurance companies.
I don't believe that our health care system needs a complete overhaul that would in fact change the whole health care system as we know it today. There is a saying and unfortunately I can't find the exact wording so here it goes. Everyone may have health care coverage but that doesn't mean everyone will have access to the health care. About half of the problem that has to be dealt with is illegal aliens. They are one of the top reasons that legal Americans are stuck with paying so much in hospital expenses etc.

I am close to posting an alternate health care plan.

Rodak said...

I think that its much easier to pass legislation which would make certain demands on the insurance companies.

Not when insurance companies are making major contributions to the reelection campaigns of the legislators who need to regulate them; that's the problem. The insurance companies need to be eliminated from the equation.
As for illegal aliens, their stress on the 'system' is grossly exaggerated. They are a handy scapegoat, but if you eliminated all 40 million of them, you would not have eliminated the problem of middle-class working Americans being bankrupted by medical costs; that's the real problem.

Seda said...

Actually, this week's Newsweek shows the US taxpayer earning 17.5% on investment in early returns. (p. 17) It'll still cost taxpayers a bundle "due to the incompetence and greed of bankers and the nonfeasance of regulators," unfortunately. And no, those weren't Democrats under the Bush administration laying down on the job.

Teresa said...

You are correct. The insurance companies do make major contributions to elections. I heard from a neighbor who watches Olbermann that he showcased how both Dems and Repubs are beholden to the insurance companies. But, I don't know whether that's true, or not. But, I still think its near impossible to either fix or eliminate govt. social programs that aren't working.

Teresa said...

Investment on health care? Or are you talking about 401K's and stocks etc?

Rodak said...

Sure Democrats are on the take, too. That's why Obama can't get anything done on health care. But you should be happy about that, I guess...?

Teresa said...

I do want health care reform but I don't think Obama's bill is the right way to go. I'm going by CBO and other sources. Fixing the system is one thing, but completely overhauling it to destroy the health care industry is a different story.

Rodak said...

I don't see that the health care industry (which is, in any case, not a monolith) will be destroyed by its funding source. Medicare has not destroyed the health care industry, and it has served our senior citizens well.
It's all a matter of prioritized funding. If we want to spend dollars on the health of our citizens, we can find those dollars. (We might start the search in the Middle East.)

Teresa said...

The problem with medicare is with what happens in the future with so many baby boomers feeding off it. But, part of it is that for each medicare patient that a doctor sees the physician is undercut on what he or she is really supposed to get per visit monetarily. When this happens, then the rest of us who are on private insurance get stuck with a bigger bill. The U.S. is gradually withdrawing from Iraq so that may help out a bit.

Rodak said...

So, basically what you're saying, Teresa, is that the problem is greed. It's not like physicians in this country are underpaid because of Medicare; it really isn't. My guess is that with Medicare, they actually make more money than they would otherwise, because without it many pensioners wouldn't be able to afford to see them at all--and they'd be making zilch there.

Teresa said...

I think much more greed attributed to the insurance companies than the physicians. I know of many physicians that volunteer and donate their time to the less fortunate. Plus, they don't get reimbursed for their services as much as person might think. Not to say, that there aren't any greedy doctors because I am sure there are some.

Rodak said...

The physicians aren't hurting. My wife is a nurse, and I've worked in two different medical schools for a total of nearly 25 years (although I work elsewhere now.) Physicians come in all kinds, like everybody else. But they all make very good money. They certainly don't NEED to charge you more to make up for seeing my mother at Medicare rates. If they do so, it's because they CAN; not because they NEED to.

Rodak said...

I have yet to see a political conservative who can look at his Christianity and his politics as one and the same thing.

Teresa said...

That's weird because I know many "rich" Christians that are conservatives that give of both their time and money in helping the less fortunate.

I didn't mean to give off the impression that I think doctors are hurting, because I don't. I'm just saying the doctors only get reimbursed a certain amount of money for their time, and less in regards to medicaid and medicare.

Rodak said...

I'm not altogether certain that "rich Christian" isn't oxymoronic.
Regardless of what the various and sundry churches may have developed as acceptable down the years, it's pretty hard to find any support for "being rich"--particularly within the context of being a disciple of Christ--in the Gospels.
Americans tend to deny being "rich." We are all "middle-class." We maintain this illusion (or delusion) by always looking up, when we go to define rich, rather than looking down; the millionaire points to the billionaire and says, "He's rich. I'm not rich." Uh-huh.
Christians should be radicals, not bourgeoises. And their radical action, like that of Jesus, should all be in the direction of the poor, the sick, the outcast; i.e., looking down, not up.
The idea that the health care needs of the greatest possible number can be served by a bit of regulatory tinkering with the the practices of predatory insurance corporations is ludicrous.
There is no person whose need does not entail our obligation. Christ's love was not conditioned. If government is the most efficient way to meet those needs, then government is good, not bad. "Socialist" Western Europe is not some kind of soulless hell. Europeans are quick to take to the streets when they are unhappy with their governments. I don't see them agitating to privatize their health care systems.

Seda said...

Neither. TARP (the stimulus bill)invested taxpayer money in bailing out AIG, Fannie Mae, General Motors, and so on. So then those companies that have been able, have paid that back with interest. So, the stimulus hasn't been as bad as y'all say. Which is not to say it's wonderful.