Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Day Obamacare Died (Video/Parody by Paul Shanklin)

The Day Obamacare Died by Paul Shanklin

Please, let obamacare be dead in the water!!!


Opus #6 said...

Excellent. I'm with you on this,T. Obamacare needs to go away. Now never was the time. The socialists need to pack up their hatchets and find another country to chop up.

Dr. Dave said...

Ah...a little Rush on a Saturday morning is a great way to start the day. Thanks, T.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

We need to make sure that health care, cap and trade and all the other liberal garbage, not only dies, but never sees the light of day ever.

We must also prevent Congress from passing a tax on soda and juices. If such a tax gets passed, you can bet your life that they will keep on raising it until juice and soda costs as much as cigarettes. Liberals don't want people to drink soda or sweetened juice. This is still America and we should be able to drink, eat or smoke what we like. If people do things to excess and get fat, bloated or cancer, then that is their problem, if they don't have health insurance to pay for the treatment of the diseases brought about by their own excess, then again that is their problem. The rest of the country shouldn't have to pay for them.

All that may sound cold and heartless, but each of us has the free will to live whatever life-style they wish, and therefore they must be ready to pay the price. They do not have the right to ask others to bail them out.

Amusing Bunni said...

This was a funny video Teresa. The voice sounded too much like obummer's, so I got a bit sick.

I sure hope that this DIES and quickly.
All these liberal initiatives are just awful!
I put a fun video up on my channel you might like, from the JimmyZ Show. A paraody song too.
Have a fun weekend.

Ron Russell said...

Great video and I like your title, I suppose after the golden oldie "the day the music died", or maybe I forget the real title---something along those lines.

The Conservative Lady said...

I've heard this on Rush's show. It's great. Paul Shanklin always does great parodies. Thanks for posting...I favorited it.
My very favorite Paul Shanklin parody is "Barack The Magic Negro" sung by the voice of Al Sharpton through a megaphone.

Teresa said...

These socialists do indeed need to pack up their hatchets and move somewhere else. Maybe Venezuela?

Teresa said...

Dr. Dave,
I'm glad that I could give you a good start to your Saturday.

Teresa said...

Most Rev. Gregori,
Yes, People need to take responsibility for their actions.

Teresa said...

This health care bill definitely needs to die. I'll have to take another look at your site. I absolutely loved the video of the squirrel eating the lemon. That was hysterically funny!!

Teresa said...

I'm happy that you enjoyed the video. I think you are correct about the name.

Teresa said...

Conservative Lady,
I love Shanklin parodies,also. Barack the magic negro is my favorite too.

Barking Spider said...

Hi, Teresa:

Great impersonation of Obarmy and he gets right to the point - they must hate these parodies, especially as there are so many now!

PS I don't know if you guys actually use or understand the British word "barmy" that I use for Obama's name - in case you don't, it means mad, crazy, insane, nuts - you get the idea - "Obarmy".

Teresa said...

Barking Spider,
I love the term Obarmy!:)
The man is nuts and insane. Maybe, we should save a bed for him at the psycho ward?

Euripides said...

A protest song for a new generation of protesters. Great stuff.