Monday, September 7, 2009

Rambo Rabbis

Here is an article and video on Rabbis training in self-defense. Enjoy!!

According to New York rabbi Gary Moscowitz, pretty much anybody could walk into a synagogue, "say 'Shabbat shalom,' and then blow the place up and start shooting." Or, he says, they could just run in with a gun screaming "Allah akhbar, or whatever." It's for this reason, and recent threats to city temples, that he started the International Security Coalition of Clergy in Kew Gardens, Queens. The former cop is training fellow rabbis how to become rogue warriors and fight back under various attack scenarios, teaching them how to shoot guns, use everyday objects (like folding tables — you need to watch the video) as protection, use hand-to-hand combat, and defend against hostage-takers. So far the group has had 100 hours of training. Of course, Jewish law forbids carrying guns on the Sabbath, but some rabbis are willing to compromise on this. "Jews are not like Christians," Moscowitz said. "If I turn my cheek, I'm coming around to make a kick."


The Conservative Lady said...

Can't say I blame them. Sad that it has to come down to this, but the protection of life is the first priority.

Anonymous said...

I mean, really, how can you blame them? Conservative Lady is correct.

They're not just protecting themselves. There's also home, family and culture.

Anonymous said...

This is becoming a trend, and not just for the Jewish synagogues, but Christian churches as well.

We are not safe from islamic terrorist, anti-religious loons, or the criminal element.

If you haven a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

Ron Russell said...

Like this title "Rambo Rabbis"--says it all. Makes me want to grab my gun in case a troll enters my house---words are useless with these guys.

Dr. Dave said...

Anyone who packs heat for defense is a friend of mine.

Rodak said...

"Jews are not like Christians," Moscowitz said.

Sez it all.

Teresa said...

Conservative Lady,
Your right. Protection is the first priority.

Its sad its come down to this, so, yes, who can blame them. Your right. They're protecting not only themselves, but their whole community.

Teresa said...

Conservative Scalawag,
Your right. WE are not safe from all the threats in our society today. A gun is definitely much more effective than a sword.

Your right. Words are useless for these guys.

Teresa said...

Dr. Dave,
I think this is awesome.

not quite sure what you mean by says it all. I am very glad that these rabbis are willing to defend themselves because sometimes peace isn't the answer.